Chaired by the Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, Innovation Zero will bring together key industry players which lead to net zero solutions

LONDON, September 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On the 24th and May 25, 2023the climate and cleantech congress, Zero Innovation, will hold its inaugural event, bringing together businesses, investors, policymakers, academics and innovators seeking to expand the commercialization of decarbonization solutions and technologies. Chaired by the former Secretary for International Trade, the Right Hon. Dr Liam Fox MP, the congress will take place at London Great Hall of Olympuslocated in West Kensington.

In collaboration with Dr. Fox, Zero Innovation will showcase low-carbon solutions applicable to multiple sectors including energy, automotive, agriculture and manufacturing to 10,000 attendees. The event will include updates from nations and regions on policy and sector priorities, insights from Big Tech, case studies of current and future unicorns, funds and corporate innovation and insights private equity, venture capital and long-term investors.

As a catalyst for progress, Zero Innovation will feature product launches, partnership announcements and research engagements. The event will generate a manifesto for change, which will see businesses, investors and policy makers commit to a shared vision of the future and how clean technologies can help alleviate the climate crisis.

James Ashwoodco-founder of Zero Innovationcommented :We are delighted to announce the first Innovation Zero CleanTech Congress in May next year. Innovation Zero will provide a fantastic platform for UK tech companies to showcase their solutions for a sustainable future.

MP Dr Liam Fox added: “I am delighted to chair Innovation Zero in 2023. Technology is at the forefront of our mission to solve the climate emergency and leading UK businesses, institutions and innovators around the world can demonstrate the leadership and collaboration needed to protect our planet.

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About Zero Innovation:
The climate crisis is urgent and in the spotlight. It is therefore not surprising that technological solutions and climate-related companies are attracting significant investments. The Zero Innovation congress aims to accelerate partnerships, agreements and collaborations between those who develop and produce low-carbon solutions and those who need to deploy them or who want to finance them.