Why summer can replace spring as a time of buying and selling

Many real estate agents will tell you that spring is always the best time to sell your home.

However, with the disruptions of the past two years and the market recovering from the start of the pandemic, many wonder if this – like many other age-old practices – is still true.

While deciding when to put your home on the market may be a choice for some, others may be driven by external factors such as new jobs, new schools, or changed family circumstances, meaning the ability to choose when. sell and during which the season is largely closed. with your hands.

The evolution of the market towards online views and the constant improvement in technology have also added to the equation and made seasonality, when it comes to the housing market, much less relevant than it may be. -be formerly.

In terms of selling an apartment versus a detached house, the aesthetic advantages of selling in the spring, when everything is in bloom, may not be such a compelling argument when selling an apartment, regardless of its size.

If your apartment has lavish outdoor amenities like an open barbecue, entertainment areas, and a swimming pool, showing it off during the summer months could raise the price more than if you choose to head to the market in the spring. , when the ads traditionally increase.

The Perth market is changing in terms of shopping and viewing habits.

While agents once strongly advised against listing a home during the Christmas holiday period, many now suggest now is a great time to market your home.

More downtime during the Christmas holidays for those who stuff work, kids, school errands and general activities of daily living, means more time to go home, browse the internet and see what’s going on, plus more time to make an informed decision.

The impact of border closures this year – at least until the end of January according to current media reports – means a large captive audience of those who would normally head east or abroad for the holidays. summer.

Record levels of savings throughout the pandemic are also fueling itchy feet and stimulating an already vibrant market, with hundreds of thousands of us renovating what we have or looking to upgrade, expand, scale down or resize.

For markets in the Eastern States, the impact of the extended closures has pushed the start of the traditional sales season from the spring to the summer months, with the opening of the Western Australian border expected to see an influx. people moving or returning west when they can. do it.

Whether you are planning to sell an apartment or a house, many of the factors that make spring a great time to sell also apply to summer: longer daylight hours, a heightened sense of optimism and mood. and more people to see. what is available.

If the past couple of years have taught us anything, it’s not to rely on predictability or the patterns of the past – the world is a very different place and probably will be for some time to come.