Weather: Melbourne and Sydney will experience rain for the first week of spring

Residents of southeast Australia have been warned that the first week of spring will be wet, dominated by continued downpours.

A wild weather pattern will feature winds, rain and even potential flooding with tens of millimeters of rain to fall over Victoria and NSW alone.

It comes after August 2022 ranked in the top 10 wettest winter months on record.

Sky News Weather said “storms are already breaking out” as the last days of winter approach.

“We are starting with a storm band from Queensland to NSW and Victoria,” Sky News weather said.

“The weather will slide east through Tuesday, before dropping back down considerably by Wednesday, but it will be a fairly wet end to the season.”

Light to moderate flood warnings are in place for parts of western New South Wales, but significant flooding is not expected.

Areas affected include Warren, Hay and parts of the Bogan River in Mulgawarrina.

Further south, Victorians and Tasmanians should prepare for somewhat constant showers as spring arrives.

“We have big story weather this afternoon and tonight in Victoria on the leading edge of this low and scattered wet weather across Tasmania as all clears up tomorrow evening for south east l ‘Australia,” reported Sky Weather.

“For Victorians there will be quite a bit of rain, pretty much for the next 24 hours, but in Tasmania it looks a bit drier than usual for this time of year.”

Melbourne is expected to receive 10-15mm of rain on Tuesday alone.

Minor flood warnings are in place for the Latrobe, Kiewa and Yarra rivers.

Additionally, strong wind warnings are in place for Port Phillip, West Coast, Central Coast and Gippsland East Coast on Monday.