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NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – The start of undergraduate courses at Vanderbilt University in the spring are delayed due to the spread of the omicron COVID-19 variant.

Most of the school’s graduate and vocational programs will also be delayed until Jan. 17, the university said on Thursday. University Deans will communicate directly with their students, faculty, and staff with school and program specific information.

“I really like the way they manage it,” said Abigail Kinzounza, freshman from Vanderbilt.

The freshman said she was grateful for the new spring semester start date.

“I’m from Nashville,” Kinzounza said. “I’m pretty excited because I’ll have more time to stay home, but I hope that doesn’t affect our academics and the pace they teach us.”

The CDC released new guidance on COVID quarantine time on Monday. However, the changing guidelines leave many people confused.

Sophomore Bemnet Argaw also likes the actions taken by the school. She just wishes the announcement had come sooner.

“I honestly think they waited too long to tell us because a lot of people already had their flights and made arrangements to get to campus,” Argaw said. “And also, a lot of schools already know that, and so just being in the dark was a little frustrating. But now that we know it feels good.”

Along with a new spring semester start date, the university is also taking on additional safety protocols, including reinstating indoor masks and expanding testing.

“We just have to be very careful,” Argaw said. “They take a lot of precautions. They get us tested first, then they want us to have proof of booster shots and vaccinations. And if you don’t have that, you should test regularly.”

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Kinzounza said she was just glad the semester started late and nothing else.

“Being able to give us that break, allowing us to get our booster shot if we want to, and then being able to go back in person is something I really appreciate because I prefer to learn in person than online,” Kinzounza said. .

The university encourages students who have not received the reminder to do so and register it online once they have done so.

Spring break and start dates remain unchanged. More information on the undergraduate academic calendar will be announced shortly.

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