uttarakhand: Uttarakhand’s three-way contest could surprise in 2022 elections | Dehradun News

DEHRADUN: The 2022 elections will likely be a triangular battle in Uttarakhand. Congress and the BJP are directly opposed to the 70-seat majority while the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is expected to challenge some urban pockets of the state like Dehradun.
While the outgoing BJP relies heavily on the ‘Modi mantra’ to form a government again, the party also hopes that a young CM face in the form of Pushkar Singh Dhami would enable it to effectively reach out to voters and blunt it. opposition to power. As a result, the party’s poll slogan is that a young state like Uttarakhand, which turned 21 this year, needs a “young and energetic” CM. At the same time, the party is also emphasizing central projects such as the redevelopment of Kedarnath, the Char Dham all-season road and the Rishikesh-Karnprayag railway project as indicators of the “twin-engine” development they have brought about. , the Center and the State acting in synergy with each other, which, according to them, would not have happened if two separate parties were in power.

Speaking to TOI, CM Pushkar Singh Dhami said: “The strength of the dual engine can be assessed by the fact that the Center has approved over Rs 1 lakh crore for development work in Uttarakhand over the past five years. years. In the past, non-central government even gave half of that amount for development activities in the state. We are confident of going over 60 seats this time around. ”
Meanwhile, Congress is banking on former CM Harish Rawat, who decides on the distribution of tickets and sets the agenda for the poll. While the party has a lot of issues that it can raise, such as the BJP changing 2 of its CMs in quick succession, the formation of the Char Dham Devasthanam Council, which was later repealed after protests from priests and so on, it remains to be seen whether the party can capitalize on these issues as it is riddled with multiple factions that are constantly working against each other. That said, this is a virtual do-or-die situation for the state’s Congress, as it was reduced to just 11 seats in 2017 and also lost all five of Lok Sabha’s seats in 2014 and 2019. .
“The BJP needs to tell people why they gave Uttarakhand three CMs in the election year. Unemployment is at an all time high, as is migration from the hills. Social assistance programs launched by the government Congress are at a standstill. One CM takes a decision while another repeals it and calls it development, ”said former CM Harish Rawat.
Meanwhile, Arvind Kejriwal is also eyeing the state and has made it a point to visit Uttarakhand on a monthly basis for the past several months. The AAP also hopes to exploit the state’s large defensive population and has, as a result, appointed a former Fauji, Col. Ajay Kothiyal (retired) as the face of CM.
Kothiyal, who is running for the siege of Gangotri, which was previously held alternately by the BJP and Congress, said: “The BJP and Congress have each been in power for 10 years and apart from corruption they have given nothing to the state.