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Trees, shrubs, and other landscaping plants have always been important parts of your lawn care. Together they add color, structure, and they also create desirable focal points. While planted landscape trees and shrubs may look self-sufficient, the reality is that healthy landscapes don't just happen by themselves. Bushes and trees may be commonly known for being low maintenance in terms of lawn care, but the reality is that they need some in order for them to look their best.

When it comes to planting trees and bushes, it's recommended to plant them during the fall or the spring when the weather conditions are a bit mild. Do not plant in stressful weather conditions so that the plants can grow successfully. It does not matter the method you used to plant the trees and bushes, but it's important to water them after planting them. Once the new tree and shrubs are successfully planted into the ground, and they have been watered. The first time you water them, it makes sure that the soil will backfill in the hole, ensuring it settles properly all over the root ball. When irrigating a landscape plant, it's advisable to use slow-flowing water at low pressure. This will enable the soil all around the plant to properly gain and retain moisture while the other methods might lose some of the moisture to evaporation.

Mulch should be cut around the root and the base area of the plant and to a depth no more than 3 inches, and it should be refreshed yearly. Using an organically sourced mulch can be used to develop a pleasant weather appearance and provides the organic matter center of the soil.

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    Landscape trees and bushes need the right nutrients to thrive and live. Plants that don't have the right soil nutrients will struggle to grow and might not be able to reach their potential. Fertilizing can help produce larger, increase flowering and greener leaves and improve the overall vigor and health of your plants. The amount of fertilizer to be used can vary depending on the age location and the age of the plants. It's important to consult specialists who are certified and trained on how to use the right method of fertilization depending on the situation by using either granular fertilizer on the surface of the soil and using liquid fertilizer by injecting it into the root area.

    When to prune is determined by the type of bush or tree. It's advisable to time deciduous wood plants through their inactive seasons while the ones that flower during spring should be pruned right after they bloom. The fruit-bearing plants are recommended to prune them during the summer and their inactive season and. Evergreens should be pruned in spring.

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