Top 5 Best New Spring 2022 Anime So Far

The spring cartoon season has begun, with a few shows starting over the past few weeks. If you’re not sure which ones to pay more attention to, we’ve got a list of the brand new ones that seem most worth your time, excluding the big names that had sequel seasons like Rising of the Shield Hero. , Kaguya Sama and Komi cannot communicate. Here are some of the best new spring 2022 anime so far.

Spy x Family

Best New Anime of Spring 2022

Image source: Wit Studio and CloverWorks

Spy x Family is probably the biggest name this season when it comes to brand new anime, thanks to the manga’s popularity and interesting premise. The fact that this is a joint effort between famed Wit Studio and CloverWorks only fuels the hype even more.

The show centers on a spy, an assassin, and a telepath who come together to create a makeshift family for their own reasons. The father, codenamed Twilight, is a spy who takes the name Loid Forger in order to start a fake family and get close to a powerful man to stop an international incident.

The mother, Yor, is a hitman who uses the family setting as a cover to hide her violent work. And finally, the daughter, Anya, is a telepath who just wants to have real parents after bouncing from family to family as an orphan.

Anya knows the secrets of both parents and manages to bring the family unit together in a healthy way. It’s surprisingly wholesome to see these three learn to be a real family, despite their situations.

Daylight saving time rendering

Best New Anime of Spring 2022

Daylight saving time rendering
Image source: OLM

Daylight saving time rendering (or Summertime Render) is another of the best new spring anime so far this year, thanks to its mysterious hook that will grab you from the very first episode. It’s a small-town supernatural murder mystery, to be precise.

Shinpei Ajiro lived with Mio and Ushio Kofune after his parents died but then moved to Tokyo to find a life for himself. Shinpei eventually returns home after Ushio drowns by rescuing a girl named Shiori Kobayakawa. Although when he returns, it appears the death was no accident, and Shinpei has a vision of Ushio telling him to “save Mio”.

Unfortunately, it’ll be difficult to watch Summer Time Rendering as it’s currently only available on Dinsey+ in select regions – but anime fans will always find a way no matter. Also, if you are enjoying the beginning of the series, it will interest you to know that the manga is currently finished at 139 chapters, so you can read the whole story right now if the wait gets tough.

Tomodachi Game

Best New Anime of Spring 2022

Game Tomodachi all friends (1)
Image source: Okuruto Noboru

Tomodachi Game is a battle royale style anime with characters competing to find out which of them is a traitor. It will probably remind you a bit of Squid Game, as a more recent popular example.

Yuuichi Katagiri has been financially unstable all his life, and when he finally manages to save up a good amount of money to join his friends on a trip, it all goes away after two of his friends, Shiho Sawaragi and Makoto Shibe, gain access to it. . A few days later, Yuuichi and several other friends are knocked unconscious and taken away after being told to meet at specific locations.

Suddenly, a third party tells the group of friends that one of them caused this in order to settle a debt. Now they all have to play a number of “friendship games” that test their bonds as they all try to figure out who the traitor is. Tomodachi Game isn’t as bloody as other stories in the genre, but it still has those psychological thriller aspects.

Ya Boy Kongming!

Best New Anime of Spring 2022

Ya Boy Kongming Eiko and Kongming
Image source: PA Works

The isekai genre has seemingly filled up faster than any other over the past few years, but there are still a few anime that put a twist on the usual formula. Ya Boy Kongming! is one of those unique shows.

It’s actually a reverse isekai, with the main character and Three Kingdoms general, Kongming, sent hundreds of years into the future. On his deathbed, his last wish is to be reborn in a peaceful time, so he is transported to present-day Tokyo.

Of course, it’s only natural that a bit of hilarity ensues when Kongming meets a singer named Eiko Tsukimi at a nightclub. What follows is an oddly endearing, yet funny story about how Kongming’s prowess as a general allows him to help Eiko in his dream of performing at one of the biggest music festivals in the world.

Ao Achi

Best New Anime of Spring 2022

Ao Ashi full main team
Image source: IG Production

Ao Achi is another sports anime for those who crave a new one to cling to with Haikyuu!!, Free! and Run With the Wind, either completed or between seasons.

Ao Ashi follows Ashito Aoi, a small-town boy who seeks to redeem himself and improve his skills at a high school with a good football program after he makes a critical mistake that causes his middle school team to lose their spot in a big tournament. Fortunately, he has the chance to prove himself once again in the prestigious Tokyo Esperion FC, even though he has a lot to learn about the sport. It’s another underdog story that’s hard not to love.

If you’re looking for even more football anime action with a more serious tone and higher stakes, Blue Lock is another highly rated sports manga set to be adapted later this year. Keep an eye on it if Ao Ashi gets you in that mood.

These are our picks for the best spring 2022 anime so far, but we’ll update this list as the shows end and give more to see. That said, we may have missed a few that you think are also worth watching, so be sure to let us know what your picks are in the comments section below.