Texas Longhorns football chemistry up after spring

Chemistry is tricky, especially in football. The old cliché is that you need ’11 players’ to work together, meaning the players who are on the pitch at any given time.

The reality is that you need A LOT more players than that for it to work. Starters, backups, third strings. Creating that chemistry is an art, frankly, and in college football, it encompasses everything from recruiting to offseason practices to actual games.

Nick Saban from Alabama has a “process” because it works, but it also makes it look like a paint-by-numbers canvas that anyone can use. Saban’s talent is to paint outside the lines in a way that doesn’t even look like what he does.

Quinn ewers

Quinn ewers

Lots of talk about quarterbacks, of course.

But Sarkisian then revealed an offhand comment from one of his players during training earlier this spring.

This player told Sarkissian that no one on the team wanted to let the others down.

“That’s one of the coolest things a player has said to me since I’ve been here,” Sarkisian said.

Quinn ewers

Quinn ewers

We are not past the polite phase of the offseason.

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It’s coming.

But, according to Sarkissian, if you build lasting chemistry now, it can help you get through those times when things start to get real. You know, maybe early September against Alabama?

“When you have a real team and you rely on each other and you can rely on each other, that’s a positive sign,” Sarkisian said.

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