Swedish government proposes €3.8 billion spring budget – EURACTIV.com

The government’s new spring budget provides for investments of around SEK 35 billion (3.8 billion euros) “to strengthen crisis preparedness”, Finance Minister Mikael Damberg announced on Tuesday at a conference of hurry.

“In the spring budget, we are investing in broad and important initiatives to strengthen society’s crisis preparedness,” Damberg added.

The bulk of the budget will go to farmers, motorists, defense and refugees, writes the daily SvD. Investments are also being considered in health care and increasing the guarantee supplement for pensioners, which should lead to political battles with the opposition.

“Several parliamentary parties often say that they want to strengthen the situation of pensioners. Now it’s up to them to prove if they really stand up for it,” Damberg said.

Several of the investments proposed in the spring budget are due to the war in Ukraine, as the Russian invasion led to higher prices, uncertainty and lower trade, the minister added.

Damberg also has high hopes that the government’s spring budget will be passed in the Riksdag, although it is unclear which parties will support it.

“I believe that many of the measures we have presented today enjoy strong and broad political support. Everyone wants to strengthen defence, civil preparedness, and I think they support our investments in healthcare,” Damberg told SVT after the press conference.

The Center Party does not rule out supporting the government’s spring budget, the party’s economic policy spokesman Martin Ådahl told the Expressen reporter in the Riksdag. “We will get the best results and the most important issues on the table. We are in constant discussion with the government,” he said.

When the Riksdag voted on the fall budget, the Center Party abstained, meaning the budget backed by right-wing moderates, Christian Democrats and Sweden Democrats passed.