Spring Valley plans summer events

Spring Valley City Council held a regular meeting on April 11. All council members were present (Mayor Tony Archer, John Dols, Chris Danielson, Luan Ruesink and Greg Brooks). Deb Zimmer, City Administrator and Clerk, also participated. No visitors had registered to address the council.

Greg Melartin addressed council regarding the request for street closures for the annual Fins & Films event. Melartin’s email to the city stated in part: ‘For this year’s Fins and Films on July 29 and 30, we are requesting that Broadway from Jefferson to Main be closed from Friday noon until Saturday midnight. And the east section of Jefferson across from my shop for the burnout show. We are also asking that up to 15 vintage campers be allowed to camp downtown and that exhibit vehicles be allowed to remain parked overnight. Additionally, we request that the old semi-parking lot be used for modern camping. We will coordinate with downtown businesses to ensure their customers are allowed through unhindered. »

Chris Danielson asked about plans to secure housing for affected businesses. Melartin replied, “I spoke to Pam on Thursday. But we’ll put cones or something… in front of Elaine’s, and the same thing in front of Big Bob’s, from Friday night to Saturday morning… The most important thing is that the downtown businesses take advantage of it.

Luan Ruesink asked if the request creates any concerns for the fire department. There were none. Mayor Archer added that traditionally most of the cars on display are not left there overnight. The board approved the application as presented.

The council considered the issue of the South Park ball diamond lights. Park & ​​Rec Director John Fenske said: “Last year we were having trouble, we were going through about half of the night and the lights were going out. Tim from Utilities thought it was the circuit breakers. But he added that a bigger problem had been uncovered that would be expensive to fix. He summed up: “It’s not safe, they wouldn’t even reconnect it.”

Deb Zimmer shared that although the proposed repair has not been budgeted, sufficient funds are available for utility improvements. Several council members said “safety first” and the council voted to approve the repair.

Fire Chief Dustin Johnson spoke to the council about several purchasing plans for the fire department. He spoke of the value of buying a ‘grass rig’ and said: ‘At this time we have a rough estimate of the total price…and the window to enter to purchase a bid truck. Status is week of the 20th, and that’s will only be a short window. So we got a price through Spring Valley Chevrolet, … so right now the total is just under $120,000, with the truck, all the skid for the rear, the 250 gallon tank, the pump, completely installed, and then the few accessories that we are going to make. He said Rural Fire has already approved the plan, which calls for Rural Fire and the city to pay $50,000 each, with the department covering the rest. The board approved the purchase as noted.

Johnson then discussed requests to purchase response equipment. He explained that turnout gear expires after 10 years, so the department is trying to get on track with a replacement rotation plan. He asked the city to approve the purchase of five complete sets of response equipment, with the city and Rural Fire each paying 50%. This was approved by the board. Johnson then discussed a request to purchase pagers. The board postponed this item to next month.

Deb Zimmer reminded everyone that “the city cleanup will take place on May 21, from 9 a.m. to noon. In the same place, near the county shed, the salt shed. Danielson said that as spring arrives, more ATVs will be riding around town. She asked that all ATV riders remember to be respectful and “take it easy” when it comes to speed.

The next council meeting will be held on Monday, April 25 at 6 p.m. at City Hall. The public is welcome.