Spring Routine: Tips for Tweaking Sun Protection and Anti-Aging Regimen | fashion trends

The dramatic weather changes in temperature, sun exposure, and humidity levels that come with spring can also cause skin irritations, rashes, or worsen skin problems. That’s why changing up your skincare routine for spring is a must. Dermatology experts say skincare routines need to be changed with each season, as freezing temperatures in winter leave skin dry and itchy, while hot summers bring more humidity and higher temperatures, making it essential to adjust our sun protection and anti-aging regimen.

Spring is when our skin gets some relief time to adapt to unpredictable weather conditions, from dry and itchy skin in winter to oily and sticky skin in summer. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Rupali Sharma, founder of Aegte Lifescience, listed some tips for tweaking sunscreen and anti-aging regimen:

1. Back to exfoliation – Above all, spring awakens the need for exfoliants like ubtan which can gently remove dry, dull skin to repair dead skin cells, effectively hydrating and brightening skin tone.

2. Cleanse your impurities – Second, don’t forget an essential year-round cleanser. Rich in antioxidants, beet cleanses and unclogs pores while reducing blemishes and breakouts for long-lasting, energized, youthful skin.

3. Every day, SPF-day – Never skip your sunscreen, especially in the spring, that’s a big no-no. It forms a protective film against UV rays to prevent tanned skin. Opt for a sun gel with a light aqueous texture with SPF50++ which does not leave white marks, prevents skin damage, is anti-pollution and filters blue light which provides 360° protection for the skin.

4. Hello to a lightweight moisturizer – Switch to a gel-based formula with a blend of rice, Aloe Vera extract and almond oil to lock in moisture for long hours without making your face oily.

5. Anti-Aging Magic – Retinols – Unless you’re allergic to vitamin A, invest in a retinol and SPF moisturizer and use it twice a week at night to delay the signs of aging and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Crossing summers, monsoon and winters, spring is the time when the skin is also relieved, but the best thing is to take good care of yourself. Rhythm Vats Bhardwaj, co-founder of Riyo Herbs India, shared some springtime skincare routines to follow for radiant and healthy skin:

1. Exfoliate: In order to regenerate your skin, the first step is to remove dead skin and the best way to do this is to exfoliate. To do this, simply take a hot shower with a gentle scrub, especially on areas such as the knees, elbows, feet, hands, armpits, neck and back.

2. More water supply to the body: How much water is too much water? Being the foundation of all skincare, water is your most fundamental prerequisite. To have a clear and luminous skin and body, it is important that you give your body an adequate amount of water.

3. Make sunscreen your best friend: Gone are the days when sunscreens were relevant when you are about to walk on a beach. Awareness grew and it was realized that sunscreen should be your protector when out in the sun. UV rays are your worst enemies and only sunscreen can protect you from them.

4. Make vegetables and fruits part of your lifestyle: We all used to cringe at these healthy leafy greens, especially when our mothers are there to put up with our tantrums, but your mother’s tantrums won’t give you healthy skin. . For this, you will have to say “yes” to vegetables and fruits and say “bye bye” to fatty and spicy foods. Our body also has a threshold and the more natural food you provide it with, the more natural it will stay without asking anything beyond Mother Nature.

5. Remove makeup before sleeping: While light makeup may work for your skin, make sure you don’t let it seep into your skin when you fall asleep. Make a habit of deleting it whenever you’re about to activate your sleep mode. Your skin is your gift and it will stay healthier if you take good care of it.

Make the necessary changes to your skin regimen and experience the change yourself with people who compliment your glowing, brighter, healthier skin.