Spring rewind of the first registrants: Noah Fifita

Last name: Noah Fifita

Position: Quarterback

Ranking: Three stars (691st National, 38th QB, 55th in California)

Secondary assessment“He’s an incredible leader, a great teammate, and the kind of guy you want to represent your program,” writes Greg Biggins, national recruiting analyst at 247Sports. “He has such a forward feel to play the position in terms of knowing where to go with the football, his ability to shift gears and progress, that watching him is almost like watching a college quarterback right now.

Fifita has been one of our favorite quarterbacks to watch competitively since his freshman year. He’s going to ring for his size but does everything well on the pitch. Arizona’s commitment has a natural feel for the position and the game feels easy for him. He is one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the area and his ball placement is always on point. His ability to maneuver in the pocket and still throw in balance and get plenty of zip on his ball stands out, even among a crowd of talented quarterbacks. His football IQ is also outstanding and he is a player who has also improved athletically.”

Outlook: We had the feeling that Noah Fifita would be pretty good, but it absolutely exceeded our expectations. If Laura’s Jayden wasn’t on the roster, Fifita would be the starting quarterback. Sure, there’s the height issue, but he makes up for it with his demeanor and his ability to read the pitch.

Like any player, there have been freshman moments, but what catches our eye is that he’s so composed for a freshman quarterback. It takes work to command a huddle, but he went straight in and immediately earned the respect of his teammates.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Fisch finds a way to get some Fifita snaps this season and starts the following year as we assume he will continue to grow as a player. In a way, Arizona is lucky that the schools overlook Fifita due to his height because if he was a little taller he would have had offers from everyone.

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He said it: “We say the three greatest traits of a quarterback are decision-making, timing and accuracy”, Arizona head coach Jedd Fisch said. “So for me the decision puts both one and two. What impresses me is that he masters the attack perfectly.

“He’s got great huddle control and when you see him play, I mean the ball goes out of his hand, flies out of his hand, but the guy knows exactly where to go with the ball. And he does it with a lot of rhythm and timing.