Spring Revolution Daily News of January 10, 2022

The government of national unity (NUG)

  • According to NUG, they provided emergency food to internally displaced people due to heavy fighting in Karenni state. They also supported initial funds for food and other emergency items for the growing number of displaced people.

  • NUG announced that for continued support it has networked with related organizations such as the Karenni State Advisory Council (KSCC), the Emergency Relief Coordination Team (CTER), the Committee representing Kayar (Karenni) Hluttaw State and local volunteers.

  • For the revolution fund, NUG sold their bonds locally and abroad. They announced that it is now available in Norway.

  • According to the right to self-defense, the public took part in a popular defense war. NUG said 71 members of the junta’s armed forces were dead, 15 others were wounded and 4 others were captured alive on Friday.

  • According to the Spring Lottery Facebook page, the winner of the December lottery donated the cash prize worth 100 lakh MMK, returning it to NUG.

  • According to the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children Affairs-NUG, they provided the displaced people with food and medicine.

  • U Bo Hla Tint, NUG Ambassador to ASEAN, said it was worth asking how the Cambodian leader, who could not even guarantee democracy and the human rights of his own people, would contribute to the fight against the military dictatorship destroying the desire of the people of Myanmar for a federal union fully enjoying democracy and human rights.

Revolutionary activities

  • With public support, MG.6 Guerrilla Force (Myingyan) and YLK Guerrilla Force (Yesagyo) carried out an operation to reconstruct the streets of the village.

  • On the Pathein-Monywa section of the road, a military convoy was attacked with mines by a combined force of 3 local PDFs around 9:30 a.m. on Sunday. According to testimonies, 4 military trucks were hit and there could be many casualties among the junta soldiers.

  • The Monywa-based special force called on townspeople to turn their indoor CCTV cameras at homes or shops.

  • On Sunday, in a 336-day demonstration, the Kalays marched against the military dictatorship.

  • In 305-day protest, a combined rally from Salingyi North and Yinmabin East marched on Sunday for the end of the military dictatorship.

  • In a village in Shwebo Township, there was a march on Sunday morning chanting “Fighting, Loikaw! We, Shwebo, are with you.

  • In Tantsi commune, the junta army raided the homes of the Shwe Maungkan religious community on Saturday around 10:45 am, so local residents had to flee.

  • Monywa Satan announced on Sunday that they had authorized 4 administrative staff providing Pyusawti training in Taungmadaw Village in Monywa County.

  • According to local PDFs, trains have been attacked with mines in Mandalay and at least 5 members of the junta’s armed forces may be dead.

  • With the protection of local PDFs, anti-junta talks were held in Yinmabin and Pale.

  • In Yinmabin commune, junta soldiers walked into Kyayzargya village around 12:00 p.m. Sunday, opening fire. They then set the public houses on fire.

  • On the road east of Tantsi County, two university students were arrested by the junta army. According to some sources, Mg Min Kant Zaw, a first year student at Sagaing Educational College, was killed as a result of the mistreatment of junta soldiers.

  • In Myingyan of the Mandalay region, the junta army raided the home of Ko Pai Phone Maw, president of the Students’ Union of Meittila Economic University, at around 10:00 p.m. on January 6. Since they couldn’t find him there, they arrested his younger brother Mg Aung Myo Thant, a freshman English student at Myingyan University, as a hostage.

  • On Saturday evening, a civilian was hit with mortar by the junta army and died in the village of Kamaigone in Kawkarait commune.

  • The Yangon International School Students Union shared OWai newspapers and ran an OWai sticker campaign on Saturday.

  • In the Taninthayi region, a large number of the junta’s armed forces invading Pulaw township were attacked with mines and 4 junta soldiers died. They also had two battles against the local PDFs. In their retreat with great loss, they set the people’s houses on fire.

  • While the Shan Junta Chief State Minister was in Tachelait, there was a national registration card issuance event under the Pankhin Project at Aungmyat Hall. 15 minutes later, there was a bomb explosion.

Ethnic armed organizations

  • The KNDF (Pekone Zone) announced on Sunday morning that two Nay Pyi Taw power towers had been demolished by two of their combined forces near the village of Hikwi on the Shan-Karenni border on January 3.

  • According to the Karenni State Police (KSP), they would continue their investigation into the case in which numerous civilians were killed by the armed forces of the junta in the village of Moso in the commune of Fruso in the State. of Karenni, including a young woman under 15 and a CDM forester. disabled staff member.

  • In Karenni state, heavy fighting broke out in Dimawso and Loikaw townships on Saturday. According to testimonies, 30 junta soldiers died and weapons were confiscated. The KNDF officially announced that a military helicopter was also shot down and an armored vehicle was set on fire.

  • In the Taninthayi region, there was fighting between the junta armed forces invading Pulaw County and a combined force of KNLA + Pulaw PDF on Friday and Saturday. According to testimonies, 4 junta soldiers died, 20 others were injured and 8 of them required emergency treatment.

  • According to KNU, KNLA on Saturday provided displaced people with food and other necessary items in Dwelo commune of Mutraw district under the leadership of KNU.

  • In Kutkai County, in northern Shan, the TNLA inspected stores in their areas of operation and destroyed military goods.

The Military Council

  • At around 7:25 a.m. on Sunday, the passenger cars had to back up because they had been shot down by the junta army on their way to Sisai and Taunggyi in Shan State from Loikaw in Karenni State.

  • In Sisai commune, a self-administered area of ​​Pao in southern Shan, two cars, which had transported the displaced people from Loikaw, were set on fire by the junta’s armed forces.

  • U Myo Swe Win, the chief minister of the junta in the Bago region, said that a cycling festival in the ancient city of Tharekittara Pyu, one of the world heritage, will be organized.

  • According to junta media, U Zawana, Abbot of Pyidawtha Monastery in Sintkai, was arrested by the military junta.

  • In the meeting room of Pullman Mandalay Mingalar Hotel, there was an event organized by Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) regarding payment with Chinese yuan accounts in China-Myanmar trade .

  • There was the first coordination meeting on the edition of the scriptures in Roman which was placed in the enclosure of the image of the sitting Buddha in the commune of Dekkina Thiri of Nay Pyi Taw.

Summary January 9

  • In Loikaw, Karenni State, there was heavy fighting between the armed forces of the junta and the Karenni Forces + PDF. Despite the use of combat aircraft and armored vehicles, the military junta suffered heavy losses there. As usual, the junta’s armed forces have turned to civilians as targets in their attacks. They blocked off the area so that the local population could not flee. This appears to be a sign of the use of human shields at the time of their loss.

  • As for Kayin, Chin and Sagaing, they were fighting each other on a daily basis. In Sagaing, PDFs have become more and more powerful. With their protection, anti-junta talks were organized.

  • In Yangon, Mandalay and Magwe there was frequent guerrilla revolution activity. As for the Taninthayi region, their powerful PDFs began to fight against the armed forces of the junta. Judging by these facts, it is likely that more and more soldiers will desert the junta army, led by Min Aung Hlaing, and the military junta may collapse in the near future.