Spring Revolution Daily News of December 31, 2021

The government of national unity (NUG)

  • NUG has officially announced that Acting President Duwa Lashi La will deliver a New Years address at 7:00 p.m. Friday.

  • Under the leadership of the Karenni State Advisory Council and NUG, the working Karenni Police Force called on the public to report the crimes. According to their announcement, they succeeded in arresting junta criminals committing violence in their state.

  • The NUG announced that its Defense Ministry would send a monthly donation from PRF members directly to the country’s PDFs via the official OFP fundraiser and that they would only meet the conditions essential to the success of the revolution.

  • The Ministry of Health-NUG announced that the money earned from the sale of raffle tickets will go to health services for displaced people, emergency health care for those injured in battles, health necessities , including COVID-19 and the requirements for the fall of the military dictatorship.

Revolutionary activities

  • On Thursday, during a 326-day demonstration, the Kalays of the Sagaing region marched against the military dictatorship.

  • In eastern Ayadaw County, a troop of around 50 junta foot soldiers was attacked with mines by local PDFs near the village of Donsit on Wednesday evening. According to testimonies, 12 junta soldiers died and no less than 20 others were injured.

  • In Ayadaw County, on Thursday there was a demonstration against the military dictatorship.

  • In Yinmabin County, members of the PDF in the jungle led a scorching strike against military dictation on Thursday.

  • In Pinlebu Township, local PDFs raided illegal logging companies along the Pinlebu-Phaungbyin road on December 25-26. Apparently, they also confiscated teak saws and cut down trees as public property.

  • In Yinmabin County, on Thursday there was an agricultural demonstration against the military dictatorship.

  • In Yinmabin County, local people staged a dawn march against the military dictatorship on Thursday.

  • On Thursday morning, a combined rally of Salingyi North and Yinmabin East protested against the military dictatorship, waving anti-junta posters.

  • Apparently, the local PDF announced that the public should not use the Chaung U – Amyint road from Thursday morning.

  • On Friday, the Rakhine National Party would hold a poem recitation event in memory of the 237th anniversary of the fall of Rakhine’s sovereignty.

  • In Chin state, the junta’s armed forces torched Tantalin at around 10:00 a.m. Thursday. According to local sources, at least 55 houses were set on fire.

  • According to military sources, complaints were filed within the junta army (340) in the Bago region because their commander Aung Bo Bo Hein and his wife were engaged in acts of oppression and activities. illegal within the force.

  • According to local PDFs, the junta’s armed forces were attacked on Wednesday in Yesagyo commune in Magwe region, Pale commune and Monywa commune in Sagaing region. According to testimonies, no less than 9 soldiers of the junta died.

  • In Magwe township, there was a counterclockwise mine attack on an electricity bureau around 4.30am on Thursday.

  • With the abuse of the name of the Mekong News Agency, pro-military groups deliberately spread false news on social media.

  • Ko Min Thwe Thit, a leader of the Central Union of Burmese Students who was arrested the earliest after the military coup, has been sentenced to one year in prison on charges under the highway code.

  • According to lawyers, Ko Waiyan Phyo Moe, vice president of the Central Union of Myanmar Students, received broken ribs and a face and neck injury from severe beatings in prison. He was reportedly in dire need of emergency medical attention.

  • According to judicial sources, actors Lumin and Yetike were each sentenced to 3 years in prison.

  • According to Kachin National Congress Party, their president detained by the military junta would be the subject of an investigation in a court Thursday at 10:30 am.

  • In Matupi County, Chin State, junta soldiers walked over mines near the MPT telecommunications tower between the district administration office and Ngalai village. According to local CDFs, 9 junta soldiers, including officers, were injured.

  • In Matupi township, the local regiment of the junta army (140) fired mortars in the direction of Ngalai village and local residents therefore had to flee.

Ethnic armed organizations

  • The KNU chairman said that despite their efforts, including a lot of time and money, to bring peace, everything ended in vain due to the military coup.

  • According to KNU, it was just a lie by the military junta on MRTV in which they announced that they had succeeded in controlling the Laykaykaw region as KNU and the PDF fled into chaos.

  • According to KNDF) / B-02, they had been able to train exceptional new comrades, who were skilled in shooting during their special training.

  • In Kachin state, a combined KIA and PDF force carried out a guerrilla attack on a military car leaving Sunbrapon for Putao around noon on Wednesday.

  • In the south of Kalay township in the Sagaing region, fighting pitted the armed forces of the junta against a combined force of local PDFs. According to the CNO, 15 junta soldiers died.

  • Fighting has reportedly resumed in Laykaykaw and 7 junta soldiers, including officers, were reportedly captured alive with their weapons and car. During the fighting in Kawkarait, 3 junta soldiers died and 5 others were wounded.

  • In Kayin State, junta border guards came to IDPs from the Halu village group on the bank of the Thaungyin River, who had to flee due to the fighting in Laykaykaw, and told them to return. at their home.

The Military Council

  • The junta newspaper said the CDF arrested military family members in Titain County, Chin state on Tuesday evening.

  • According to the junta newspaper, Daw Jandaw and Daw Khin Swe Myint were killed by PDFs in Daunggyi village of Tantsi commune in Sagaing region on December 15. Their money and jewelry were found with the help of the junta’s armed forces and handed over to their family members at an event held Thursday morning in the meeting room of the Ministry of Planning and Finance.

  • To show itself to the international community, the military junta recalled the internally displaced people, who had to flee because of their terrorist acts in Laykaykaw, to return home.

  • On Saturdays, there would be a performance of Ha Style Crew on MRTV HD Channel after 8:00 p.m.

  • The military junta threatened staff members of the ministries that in addition to the blackout, legal action would be taken against their failure to pay electricity bills.

  • In Taunggyi, capital of Shan State, the military junta prepared for the Independence Day celebration at the Awayya Konethaya hot air balloon field.

Summary as of December 30

  • Regarding the junta’s propaganda that the military junta was able to control Laykaykaw, the KNU replied that it was full of lies. During the fighting there on Thursday afternoon, the KNU grabbed junta soldiers and showed the photos to the media.

  • The military have used the system of such lies for generations. On the other hand, pro-military extremist nationalists have constantly spread false news under the guise of media coverage.

  • As for Chin, Kayah and Sagaing, they had fights against the armed forces of the junta.

  • In Yangon, Mandalay, Magwe, Dawei and Ayeyarwaddy, there were revolutionary demonstrations and activities. On the other hand, there have been arrests and murders by the military junta.