Spring Revolution Daily News June 14, 2022

The National Unity Government (NUG)

  • At 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, there was a meeting between the NUG Central Committee on Interim Public Administration and the Public Administration teams for Special Zones.

  • On Saturday, there was an online meeting between the Union-NUG Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration and the verified township public administration teams from Sagaing and Magwe regions.

Revolutionary activities

  • U Min Ko Naing, a Spring Revolution leader, said the military junta was looking for a way out as it was stuck in all sectors.

  • In Mandalay, the junta army took some family members as hostages. A lawyer allegedly attempted suicide by drinking pesticides.

  • In Magwe area, junta armed forces have been attacking villages along Yaw Stream bordering Pakkoku and Seikphyu townships since June 8. As a result, more than 30,000 people in the region had to leave their homes and flee.

  • In Yesagyo township, a member of Pakangyi local police station, armed with a G3 pistol and some bullets, joined Young Force (UG).

  • In Salingyi township of Sagaing region, the junta army set fire to the village of Linzagyet on Sunday. They also reportedly arrested more than 100 villagers at the monastery.

  • In Yesagyo and Myaung townships, bordering Magwe and Sagaing, the junta’s armed forces were attacked by local PDFs on Sunday. According to reports, 10 junta soldiers and Pyusawti members, including a captain, died.

  • As part of a 459-day protest, a combined gathering of North Salingyi and East Yinmabin villages marched against the military dictatorship on Monday.

  • In Yinmabin County, the Sonechaung Rally led a march against the military dictatorship on Monday.

  • On Sunday morning, the Monywa Youth Association led an anti-junta movement by hanging a banner – “The pagoda is closed today because the country is under the death penalty” at the entrance of the pagoda Kyaukka Shwegu.

  • In Minkin township, the junta’s armed forces burned down more than 120 houses in the villages of Konemaw and Latpandaw. Apparently they also took away valuables and more than 20 cows.

  • In Yangon, a combined gathering of the Union of Burmese Students and their alliances marched Monday against the military dictatorship.

  • In Kyimyindine township of Yangon region, there was a banner against junta education on Kanna Road on Monday morning.

  • In Thayetchaung township of Taninthayi region, local people held a dawn march against the military dictatorship on Monday.

  • In Myitkyina, Kachin state, A-Ka-Tha students marched Monday morning against the military dictatorship and junta education, chanting slogans.

  • In the township of Longlone, the Rosy Women Union (Dawei), in cooperation with LGBT people, basic education students and young people, led an anti-junta movement on Monday.

  • In Thayetchaung township, women led a march against the military dictatorship on Monday.

  • In Dawei township, a convoy of 10 military trucks carrying more than 100 junta soldiers was attacked three times by local PDFs on the Dawei-Tiki road section on Sunday. According to Eastern Defense Force EDF, there were many casualties among the soldiers of the junta.

  • In Myingyan township of Mandalay region, a local PDF attacked the junta army stationed in Hsinchaung village at 11 a.m. Sunday. Apparently a junta soldier died.

  • In Shweku Township, Kachin State, a contingent of foot junta soldiers were attacked at the mine by Myohla PDF. Apparently, the junta army suffered a great loss.

  • In Titain, Chin State, houses and buildings were damaged when the junta army fired mortar shells savagely.

  • In Ayeyarwaddy area, Ko Win Tun Naing, a political activist from Pathein, was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment by the junta court inside Pathein jail.

  • In the southern Shan township of Ywangan, shots were fired at a car carrying chief Pyusawti Win Myint and 2 of his followers on the road near Mainmaye mountain at 3.30pm on Sunday.

Ethnic armed organizations

  • In Myawaddy township of Kayin state, a combined Karen National Defense Organization-KNDO force attacked the junta police station in Wawlaymyein sub-township on Monday morning. According to reports, 4 police officers, including the officer in charge, were captured alive and 9 PDF members were rescued from detention.

  • On Monday, CDF Matupi released a video of a close attack on military troops opening fire wildly along the Mindat-Matupi road in Chin State.

  • In Kanpetlet township, there was fighting almost all day. According to the local CDF, on Sunday evening, 16 junta soldiers died.

  • In Shweku township of Kachin state, there was heavy fighting between the junta army and a combined Kachin Independence Army-KIA force on Sunday morning. According to reports, many junta soldiers died.

  • In Tandabin township of Bago region, a combined force of Karen National Liberation Army-KNLA and PDF attacked the junta army based in Zayatgyi around 9:00 p.m. Sunday. According to reports, 3 junta soldiers died and many others were injured.

The Military Council

  • The edible oil monitoring committee under the junta’s Ministry of Commerce announced that the reference price for wholesalers was MMK 5,645 per viss from June 13-19.

  • On Monday morning, there was a meeting between junta leader Min Aung Hlaing and the Arakan Liberation Party-ALP delegation led by Vice President Daw Saw Mya Yarzar Lin in Nay Pyi Taw.

  • The junta’s electricity minister said their goal was to be able to supply stable and full power to the public in a timely manner and with the least loss.

  • According to junta media, the opening ceremony of the 2022 Shooting Championship by the Eastern Military Headquarters was held at the Bahtoo Training School. Apparently, the deputy military officer of the Shan State chief junta, responsible personnel, family members of the junta’s armed forces and judges were present on the occasion.

  • Dr Tin Thitsa Lwin, daughter of the junta’s foreign minister, has been promoted to director at the Ministry of Health headquarters in Nay Pyi Taw.

  • In Patheingyi township of Mandalay region, there was an argument between police members of Shwesayan No. 4 Security Police on Sunday morning. According to reports, a member of the police died from a shot fired by Sergeant Soe Tint.

Summary June 13

  • As for the Karen National Liberation Army-KNLA, it carried out invasive attacks against the armed forces of the junta throughout the region. On Monday, they managed to take over a police station and catch the officers. In the Sagaing area, local PDFs attacked police stations and junta camps. Overall, the revolutionary forces were able to carry out counterattacks.

  • The military junta retained control of the market and the prices of consumer goods. Despite reasonable prices on junta media, they are actually doubled. During successive military dictators, they tried to control market demand by force to stabilize prices, but they never succeeded. Prices would not drop just because businessmen were arrested and their assets confiscated. Instead, it would again lead to the black market.