Spring Revolution Daily News July 6, 2022

The National Unity Government (NUG)

  • The NUG said the military junta is still carrying out violent activities in Myanmar. They also called on G7 members and all those who had been invited to the meeting to have a

  • discussion on the humanitarian and economic crisis.

  • The NUG announced that it was concerned about the lives of those held as hostages, including the president, state councilor and political actors.

  • The Union NUG Prime Minister said that in order to uproot the military junta, it was necessary to fight in various sectors like the diplomatic, military and political sectors with the unity of the

  • Public. He also said it was very important for the interim administration to be in a good balance.

Revolutionary forces

  • In the Yangon area, a rally was held on Tuesday ahead of the anniversary of the July 7 student uprising, with people chanting “Never forget 7.7.62”.

  • On Tuesday, the National League for Democracy (NLD) announced that action would indeed be taken, both by law and party bylaws, against the effort to open offices in and break into their buildings.

  • In Letpadaung township in Bago region, a combined gathering of student unions led an anti-junta movement on Tuesday morning, hanging a banner saying “Never forget 7.7.62” at the front door of the high school no. (1).

  • The Karen National Union-KNU announced that it would take over administration in Shwekyin township in Bago region and that all junta administrators should resign.

  • In Madaya township in the Mandalay region, a local underground revolutionary group carried out a mine attack on the junta army as it headed for a clearance operation in the area at 12:40 p.m. Monday. According to reports, five junta soldiers died.

  • In Myinmu township, a military truck was attacked with eight types of mines by a local PDF at around 9:10 p.m. Monday. According to reports, three junta soldiers died and many others may have been injured.

  • In Myaing township, Magwe region, local people, in cooperation with the Basic Education General Strike Committee, marched against the military dictatorship on Monday, chanting anti-junta slogans.

  • In Ye-U, a local PDF attacked the junta army stationed in the traditional medicine hospital on Monday. According to reports, two junta soldiers died and 10 others, including a captain, were injured.

  • On their 481st day of protest, a combined gathering of Salingyi and Yinmabin villages marched against the military dictatorship on Tuesday morning, chanting anti-junta slogans.

  • In Kani township, local people demonstrated Tuesday morning for the end of the military dictatorship, waving signs, including this one: “How many villages must burn for the UN to help the people of Myanmar?”

  • In Kalay, there was an anti-junta movement on Tuesday afternoon which placed a poster against the military dictatorship in the middle of the road.

  • In Kayin state, an unknown group attacked the junta army on the Kawkarait-Myawaddy Asian road, demanding money around 6 a.m. Tuesday. According to reports, as many as three junta soldiers died.

Ethnic armed organizations

  • In the area under the KNLA Brigade (5) in Kayin State, near the Myanmar-Thailand border, the junta army attacked an Arakan Army (AA) camp with two fighter jets on Monday afternoon. According to an AA spokesperson, AA will take necessary action in response.

  • The AA announced that six of its members lost their lives in the junta’s airstrike in the KNLA area near the Myanmar-Thailand border.

  • In the area under the KNU brigade (5), there was an ambush by the junta Border Guard Force-BGF (1013) on July 1. According to KNU-Mutraw News, all seven members of the car died.

  • In Phalan township in Chin state and Kalay township in Sagaing region, there were 11 battles between the junta army and the Chin National Defense Force (CNDF) in May and June. According to reports, 66 junta soldiers died. As for the CNDF, it lost three members and four others were injured.

The Military Council

  • New Zealand has resigned from the meeting of the ASEAN Defense Committee on Countering Violence, which will be co-chaired by Myanmar’s military junta and Russia in July.

  • The Foreign Currency Supervisory Committee announced that from July, exports of rice, beans, corn and oilseeds must be made only in US dollars in all border areas.

  • The Chinese Foreign Minister said that as far as Myanmar is concerned, he looked forward to the restoration of democratic transformation and the transfer of power to the

  • Public.

  • The junta’s Central Bank announced that there were five other exemptions, including special economic zones, from the Myanmar kyat foreign exchange policy within

  • one day.

  • In the Hmawbi air force in the Yangon area, junta soldiers reportedly trained in parachuting at 8 a.m. Tuesday.

Summary July 6

  • During her trip to Myanmar, the ASEAN Special Envoy to Myanmar requested that Daw Aung San Su Kyi be sent home and asked to meet her and the former First Lady. There is only

  • a slim chance that his requests will be granted. He could only ask the junta to organize meetings with the EAO. Despite his best intentions for the ASEAN 5-Point Consensus, his trip could

  • achieve little, as usual.

  • In the area under KNLA in Kayin State near the Myanmar-Thailand border, the junta army attacked an AA camp with two military planes at noon on Monday. In response, the AA said

  • that he would take the necessary measures. In fact, the air strike increases the tension between them.

  • In Sagaing, Chin, Karenni and Kayin states, there were constant battles between the junta army and local defense forces and ethnic armed organizations. Apparently both sides

  • suffered losses.