Spring Revolution Daily News August 30, 2022

The National Unity Government (NUG)

  • The NUG announced that if the public has evidence of illegal activities by the military junta, they can send it not only to the NUG’s human rights ministry, but also to reliable human rights organizations. .

Revolutionary activities

  • In Sagaing township, Sagaing area, 50 junta soldiers and Pyu Saw Htee members attacked Taungmyo village on Monday morning. They allegedly shot dead a PDF member and burned down more than 30 houses.

  • In Tigyaint township, the junta army carried out airstrikes between Kanpauk village and Thayet Kaing mountain on Monday morning.

  • In Yinmabin County, a gathering of three villages marched against the military dictatorship.

  • On Monday, a combined rally of Salingyi and Yinmabin villages marched for an end to the military dictatorship.

  • In Sagaing township, two military cars were attacked with mines by a local PDF on the way from Monywa to Mandalay at 1:30 p.m. Sunday.

  • On Monday, residents of Kalay staged a motorcycle strike against the military dictatorship.

  • In Myinmu township, junta vehicles carrying copper were attacked with mines by the Black Eagle Defense Force – MMU on Sunday.

  • In Indaw township, U Mg Naing, a former soldier and trainer of Pyu Saw Htee, was shot dead by a local PDF in Meza village on Monday.

  • In Ganggaw township in Magwe region, a local PDF shot dead around 10:00 a.m. on Monday three junta soldiers who were patrolling near the village of Pyintha.

  • In Yesagyo township, there was an attack on a Pyu Sawt Htee group under the military junta at the temporary market. According to our information, there would have been victims.

  • On Monday, anti-junta monks led a movement against the military dictatorship, reminding the public of burned villages and displaced people.

  • In the center of Yangon, there was a march against the military dictatorship on Monday morning.

  • In Tontay township, Yangon region, a bomb exploded at a local police station on Sunday evening. According to local sources, gunshots were heard on Monday morning.

  • In Tontay Township, the junta administration has banned the public from riding motorcycles, making local transportation difficult. On Monday, Urban Guerrillas warned they would take action against junta administrators and their families if they did not withdraw their order against the motorcycles.

  • The military junta ordered the gold companies to make their sales in accordance with the reference price. However, the market price was MMK 2,900,000 per tical (about 16.33 grams) on Monday.

  • In Thayetchaung township, Tanintharyi region, the junta army arrested and beat a mentally ill 40-year-old man in Gywemingone village.

Ethnic armed organizations

  • In Thatone district under the Karen National Union Brigade (KNU) (1), MDP soldiers were welcomed and rewarded financially on Sunday.

  • The Rakhine Army (AA) has said it will take action against the junta army for deliberately firing mortars at Kinseit village in Mrauk-U township in Rakhine State.

  • In Yathaytaung, Maungdaw and Mrauk-U townships in Rakhine state as well as Paletwa township in Chin state, the military junta has cut off food supplies. They also fired mortars at civilian targets. Nine groups of Rakhine students expressed their disapproval of these war peaks.

  • In the Kawthoolei area under the KNU, a combined force of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) carried out a bomb attack using a drone against the junta army near Kyawwabo Pagoda Sunday at midnight. According to our information, two junta soldiers, including a captain, died and five others were injured.

  • In Mindat township, Chin state, a local CDF announced on Monday that the public should construct bomb shelters to protect themselves from airstrikes.

The Military Council

  • The junta’s customs department has tightened the rule that exporters trading across the border must export their goods within 10 days of submitting their export declaration form.

  • Bangladesh’s foreign ministry said it would voice its strong objection when two mortar shells fired by the junta army fell on their country.

  • The junta’s embassy said it had repatriated women from Myanmar who had been sold into Iraq while working in Dubai.

  • The military junta announced that 3,156 CDM education staff had returned to work, along with 231 PDF members.

  • According to the Deputy Director of Junta Department for Nature and Wildlife Conservation, they will promote tourism in Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary in time for the Shwesettaw Pagoda Festival in Minbu-Saku Township. in the Magwe region.

Summary August 30

  • Following heavy casualties in Rakhine State, the junta army deliberately opened fire on civilian targets. Consequently, there were casualties among the public. As the AA said it would take action against the junta’s armed forces, fighting in the area could intensify.

  • There was heavy fighting in the hinterland areas. The same goes for other states like Karenni, Kayin, Chin and Rakhine states. While the military junta suffered terrible losses in the hinterland regions in recent days, it was fighting both in the air and on the ground. Consequently, the number of displaced people could continue to increase and there could be an urgent need for food.