Spring Revolution Daily News August 16, 2022

The National Unity Government (NUG)

  • The Ministry of Labour-NUG announced that it has not yet appointed a representative for the collection of overseas employment survey and application of OERC registration card for Myanmar workers in other countries, including Malaysia. They added that they would publish the procedures in detail soon.

  • On August 12, the Minister for International Cooperation-NUG claimed that a large number of support weapons would be available the day Yangon could be controlled.

  • According to the spokesman of the presidential office-NUG, the NUG has techniques to produce weapons on its own and is embarking on weapons production projects.

Revolutionary activities

  • In Monywa township of Sagaing region, local PDFs attacked the junta’s Ma-U gate on Monywa-Mandalay road at 2 a.m. on Monday. According to Chindwin Attack Force, no less than 6 junta soldiers died.

  • On Monday, a combined rally of Salingyi and Yinmabin villages marched for an end to the military dictatorship. Apparently a leader of the Mandalay protest joined them and gave an anti-junta speech to the audience.

  • As part of a 554-day protest, a powerful Kalay rally marched against the military dictatorship on Monday.

  • In Indaw township, a local revolutionary force destroyed junta army products, which had been confiscated on the Indaw-Kyaunggone road.

  • In Khin-U township, a military convoy was attacked with mines near the crossroads on Saturday morning. According to the Shwe Bo Defense Force – SBDF, there were many casualties among the junta soldiers.

  • In Madayar township of Mandalay region, the junta army was attacked with mines as it headed for a clearance operation in the area. According to our information, 4 soldiers of the junta including a captain died and 3 others were seriously injured.

  • In Yesagyo township of Magwe region, as many as 10 members of the junta armed forces died in 4 attacks carried out by an alliance of 17 local PDFs as part of Operation Raven.

  • On Monday, Yaw PDF apologized to the public for the loss of weapons worth more than MMK 300 lakh in a fire at their warehouse.

  • In Kyaikto Township, Mon State, local PDFs attacked the car of Soe Win, a police sergeant from Mayanchaung area. According to Kyaikhto Revolution and Information Network, the 3 junta police members in the car are dead.

  • In Kachin State, a rally of Hpakant people marched against the military dictatorship on Monday. They also expressed their support for the KIA, PDF and NUG.

  • In Loilinlay, on the Shan-Karenni border, the junta army carried out airstrikes using fighter jets on the place where the displaced had been staying. Therefore, the children of displaced people had to go into hiding. On Monday, Free Burma Rangers released a video about it.

  • On Sunday, a guerrilla force based in Shan South issued a challenge for 50 sacks of rice and donated them to local displaced people.

  • According to a member of Urban Guerrilla, anti-junta forces and protesters faced difficulties due to the high cost of living.

  • On Saturday, singer Saung Oo Hlaing performed a concert in the state of Maryland in the United States to raise funds for refugees and PDFs in Myanmar. They would have received more than 50,000 USD.

  • On her 26th birthday on Monday, actress Myat Noe Aye said she would raffle off her most beloved ring in a campaign named Project Dream to raise funds for the revolution.

  • On Monday, 7 organizations, including Blood Money, said Human Rights Watch should be held accountable for their grave error in inviting junta leader Min Aung Hlaing and that they should send the invitation to the NUG.

  • On Sunday, the Anti-Junta Committee (Korea) celebrated the first anniversary of One-Day Challenge in 15 cities in South Korea.

Ethnic armed organizations

  • In Kawkarait, Kayin State, there was a battle in town. According to the KNU, 12 members of the junta’s armed forces, including a policeman, died, a lawyer and a clerk were arrested alive and 6 weapons were confiscated.

  • According to Shan State Restoration Council – RCSS/SSA media Tai Freedom, their editor died on Monday morning.

  • In Tandabin township of Bago region, fighting erupted between junta armed forces and Karen National Union forces from Monday morning. According to local people, the sound of mortars could be heard constantly.

The Military Council

  • The junta’s propaganda chief, Zaw Min Tun, said about 1,300,000 gallons of fuel oil had arrived in the country and 12 fuel oil ships would also arrive within days.

  • The junta state and regional administration claimed that the fuel oil shortage was just a rumor and that they would take action against fuel oil filling stations for their suspension or limited sale.

  • According to the junta’s edible oil committee, their benchmark price for wholesale on Monday was MMK 4140 per viss. In reality, the market price was almost 10,000 MMK.

  • The junta’s propaganda chief Zaw Min Tun said they had set up the most popular security groups in the Sagaing area with the strongest revolution.

  • Khit Thit Media published the confidential letter of the Junta’s Foreign Minister to the Government of India, the confidential letter on the trip of the Junta’s Deputy Livestock Minister to Nay Pyi Taw and the confidential fax on the attack in the mine against junta soldiers in Wandwin Township. Regarding these information leaks, nearly 100 government employees have been arrested for investigation.

  • On Monday, State Counselor Daw Aung San Su Kyi was sentenced to an additional 6 years in prison on 4 counts of corruption related to the Daw Khin Kyi Foundation.

Summary August 15

  • KNU forces were able to attack the junta army even in offices and police stations in the city. In their attacks, up to 12 members of the junta’s armed forces died.

  • Due to the mismanagement of the military junta, there was a shortage of fuel oil in the country. However, the dictators only threatened the service providers and announced to the public that 13 tonnes of fuel oil had arrived.

  • In the Sagaing area, the revolution was still in full swing and so were the attacks in KNU areas. Apparently, the junta’s armed forces suffered heavy losses in every battle.