Spring puts the house and the garden center stage

By Isaac Stewart

Winter has bamboozled everyone at least a few times this year, but spring finally seems to be shining. After several surprisingly cool, frozen and snowy days, the arrival of spring brings its many delights.
Songbirds and flowers awaken from their winter slumber, and the wonderful golden sun breathes new life into everything.
As warmer weather arrives, it’s time for everyone to do the homework that spring brings. It’s time to dust off the lawn mower, sharpen those tools and clean up like no other. Plants and animals will do their job, and so will everyone else.
Local businesses are a great place to start, and Johnson County is blessed with many well-established home and garden stores.
Many of these stores focus on spring and have a ready supply of home improvement items and tools. Residents are encouraged to shop locally and support their community’s economy.
One way to kick off spring is to create a garden. Whether it’s a first experience or a regular tradition for others, a garden is a great way to get into the spirit of the outdoors.
Lawn care is another avenue that people find pleasure in. Everyone remembers the fancy lawns they walk through and think, “That’s a nice yard.”
Lawn and push mowers, hedge trimmers, mulch colors, well cut grass and well cut edges are signs of hard work. They all have a place in the almost competitive life of regular lawn care.
Spring cleaning is another duty that the season brings. Although most of them are reluctant, it’s definitely a good feeling once all the cleaning is finally done.
Whatever there is to do this spring, a lot or a little, it will be easy to enjoy the warm weather after a prolonged winter.