Spring ISD’s Transportation Service Named Among Best Fleets in the Americas

The NAFA Fleet Management Association has designated Spring ISD’s transportation department as one of the top 100 fleets in the Americas, announced a press release from the district. Spring ISD was selected from entrants across the continent based on 12 criteria of excellence.

“I am truly thrilled that we have the opportunity to recognize transportation,” District Chief Operating Officer Mark Miranda said in the announcement. “To my knowledge, this is the first time that we can be recognized in this list.”

Transport manager Jack Mann said the opportunity was deserved.

“During this pandemic and throughout this year, one of our shop supervisors was deployed, and so our shop was without a day-to-day supervisor,” Mann said. “We have two senior mechanics who have taken it upon themselves to show leadership and step in and be there for their teams, and so I just want to say thank you to Kevin and Bill, and especially Mike for the way he accompanies his team. ”

-Contributed by Spring ISD

Spring ISD among the best communities for music education

For the ninth consecutive year, Spring ISD has been named one of Best Communities for Music Education by the National Association of Music Dealers.

“This award is a testament to the value that the Spring ISD Board of Directors, our leadership team, our teachers, their students, and our community place in music education at Spring ISD each year,” said David Landgrebe, Deputy Director Performing and Visual Arts from Spring ISD. said in a district press release. “Most importantly, we know that our Spring ISD families support the arts, and we are so grateful to them.”

The NAMM Foundation said it wants to focus on districts adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic while maintaining the competence and success of their music programs.

“Music educators, administrators and communities have truly come together to support and sustain music education during a time of intense change and adaptation,” said Mary Luehrsen, Executive Director of the NAMM Foundation. “We salute the commitment and efforts of all music teachers, school administrators and community members to provide students with the opportunity to explore their creativity through music.”

-Contributed by Spring ISD

Communication department wins awards

Klein ISD’s communications department has won the National Golden Achievement Award and 20 State Awards from the National School Public Relations Association.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the incredibly thoughtful, student-focused work our communications team does day in and day out to tell our Klein family’s story so beautifully,” said ISD Superintendent Klein. Dr Jenny McGown said in an announcement. “This recognition of their efforts to communicate with such clarity and sincere care is very well deserved.”

The district has won awards for its videos, including documentaries and features, information campaigns, and the state’s best newscasts, feature films, and stills.

-On the Klein ISD website

Launch of the leadership academy

More than 100 Klein ISD teachers have been selected to participate in the first-ever Teacher Leadership Development Academy. The one-year cohort program challenged teachers to enhance their leadership potential for future opportunities, according to an online news announcement.

“The energy during the academy was electric and these educators are so eager to learn,” said Director of Professional Learning Monica Shallenberger. “This first cohort of teachers will participate in a year of focused professional learning. We look forward to seeing this group of leaders better understand their leadership identity and cultivate greater confidence in their ability to lead effectively.

-On the Klein ISD website