Spring 2022 anime that needs sequel seasons

Every year, the spring season anime is filled with interesting shows that spice up the anime world in a different way. Some titles are slice-of-life oriented, others fantasy-based with an Isekai undertone, and some occasionally dive into the world of sports, allowing all fans to choose from an interesting range of options.

Spring 2022 anime is no different. Each title offers a different experience for fans and viewers. Dozens of shows have been released this year, and among these fantastic titles, some stand out for their plot, storyline, and entertainment value. Unfortunately, with most of these shows nearing their end, fans face long periods of waiting before they get the sequel to their favorite series. Either way, if most were to pick the spring season 2022 anime that needs quick follow-up sequels, some iconic titles stand out.

9 Ao Achi

Ao Achi is based on the manga series written and illustrated by Naohiko Ueno and Yuugo Kobayashi, respectively. This anime added the sports-focused spice to the spring 2022 anime mix. The anime follows the story of Aoshito Ao, a boy from a poor background who loves football. Ao Ashito lives in Ehime alongside his mother and older brother, and life is relatively happy until he meets Tatsuya Furuda – a J Youth League coach.

Tatsuya arouses in Ashito a burning desire to play international football, and after a touching family saga, his mother accepts his departure for Tokyo. After entering the team, Ashito discovers that his soccer skills are raw and raw. Yet he refuses to give up, ready to learn football from scratch if that’s what it takes to succeed.

The manga series of Ao Achi contains about 20 volumes. Therefore, if the season does not catch up with the manga, a sequel should be planned as soon as possible after the awesome story arc.

8 Komi can’t communicate

Komi can’t communicate is an anime that does justice to its title. The slice of life anime revolves around a high school student, Shoko Komi, an incredibly shy girl who has trouble communicating with the people around her. Ironically, she is worshiped as the goddess of class even though she is just a socially anxious person with no friends. Luckily for her, that started to change after meeting Hitohito Tadano, who managed to become her first friend. After years in isolation, things are about to change for Komi as Tadano helps her make new friends.

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Komi can’t communicate is based on the manga, which has around 360 chapters. While the current season’s episode count is still unclear, the show is unlikely to exhaust the source material anytime soon. With that in mind, another epic sequel for this unique slice of life will be greeted with joy by anime fans.

seven The executioner and his way of life

The executioner and his way of life is among the underrated titles of 2022 despite the title’s impressive themes. The anime follows an anti-hero protagonist, Menou, who works for the church as an assassin assassin with a duty to eliminate other wolders to prevent disasters from occurring. What begins as an imaginary Isekai anime with the deceptive appearance of a male character quickly turns into a female fantasy story with a unique main character.

The executioner and his way of lifeis based on the light novel series of the same name, which currently has four volumes. As the first season of the fantasy anime is about to end, fans can only wish the next season hits the internet as soon as possible.

6 The Rise of the Shield Hero

The Rise of the Shield Hero is based on the light novels written by Aneko Yusgai. Although the anime adapted much of the source material, the story is nowhere near the end of the novel. The Rise of the Shield Hero is an Isekai fantasy story starring Naofumi Iwatani, who is summoned to another world as a cardinal hero to battle a malevolent phenomenon called the Waves.

While the first season was fairly straightforward, the second season is filled with twists and new developments that differ significantly from what fans experienced in the first. Many fans liked this development, and some did not. Either way, as the second season ends on June 22, a deserving sequel would be much appreciated.

5 Shikimori is not just a cutie

Shikimori is not just a cutie is the perfect slice-of-life show to check out among spring 2022 anime. This romantic comedy series features a unique yet adorable relationship between Shikimori and Izumi. Shikimori is a cute character who seems like the perfect girlfriend, until her darker side is revealed whenever Izumi gets into trouble. Meanwhile, Izumi is an aerial character with terrible luck and a poor sense of balance.

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Ever since Izumi and Shikimori met, Izumi’s frustrating life has become much brighter as she helps him in different ways. Shikimori is not just a cutie follows the manga series, which currently has 148 chapters. Certainly, this romantic comedy show is among the anime that deserves another sequel.

4 Daylight saving time rendering

Daylight saving time rendering is a psychological thriller set on an island filled with a dangerous mystery that lurks in the dark. The anime follows Ajiro Shinpei’s attempts to uncover the true meaning of Shadow’s occurrences and its connection to the death of his childhood friend. The anime is lined with unexpected and unpredictable developments.

Daylight saving time rendering is based on the 139-chapter manga of the same name. Currently, it is unknown if the anime will cover the entire manga since the season is scheduled for 25 episodes. However, if not, a sequel will be needed ASAP to provide an answer to the shadow-rimmed mystery.

3 Kaguya-sama: Love is War – Ultra Romantic

The classic rom-com series, love is war, features the battle between Kaguya and Miyuki. A pesky question the series resonates with is, “Who will confess their love first – Miyuki or Kaguya?” While there’s no clear question to that answer yet, the show’s third season is spicing up the romantic drama even more.

The manga is far from over, as it has 266 chapters and is still ongoing. As such, fans can probably expect another satisfying sequel after the third season ends.

2 Ya Boy Kongming!

Ya Boy Kongming! definitely adds a different spice to the default slice of life formula, which it mixes with faint undertones of Isekai. Kongming, the series’ protagonist, was a war strategist, compared to the Chinese war genius Sun Tzu who wrote the Art of war. On his deathbed after living a life of war and bloody battles, Kongming wished to be reborn in an era of peace.

Luckily, he got exactly what he wanted by reincarnating in a modern Tokyo, where he encounters new experiences. Using his brilliant skills as a strategist, Kongming fights his way through the new world he finds himself in. Ya Boy Kongming! has officially come to an end, fans of many anime fans are longing for a sequel to this unique Chinese-inspired anime.

1 Spy x Family

Undoubtedly, Spy x Family holds the crown for best anime of the spring 2022 season. The anime follows the Forger family, which consists of an expert spy agent, a mind-reading child, and a dangerous assassin. The hilarious anime is spiced up with the different dramas surrounding each family member and how they are resolved in their own way. While the Forgers’ mind-reading child Anya knows each other’s secrets, the trio still manage to bond as an ideal family, which is quite a far cry from their reality.

Spy x Family is based on the award-winning manga series and is brought to life by a combined effort between Wit Studio and CloverWorks. With one episode left to finalize the first season of the series, fans can only hope that the second season of the anime will be available as soon as possible.

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