Sow, grow and bloom this spring with Garden Master

Spring is here. Naturally, this season carries a lot of meaning and symbolism of starting over and rejuvenating. This symbolism is best exemplified in plants growing, flowers blooming, and families and friends brushing the inside and outside of their homes for the season. The outdoors have become very important, with gardens and lawns welcoming anyone looking for a space to relax or have fun. For those with gardens ready and those looking to achieve this, this is a great season to sow, grow and bloom.

Here’s how you can sow, grow and bloom this spring:


Spring is an excellent season for sowing. This not only improves the quality of your lawn, but also enlarges the garden space. Timing is everything in this case. Be sure to plant early to take advantage of the abundant sun and possible early rains to ensure the seeds don’t dry out. Prepare the site well by removing rocks with a rake or lawn roller or by leveling it to cover any depressions. If you are replacing the entire lawn, you must completely remove the old grass. Test lawn soil to determine its alkaline (PH) levels and nutrient levels. Soil test kits are readily available at retail stores. If nutrients are lacking in the soil, you can add lawn fertilizer or organic compost. Nitrogen will help with plant color and growth, phosphorus with root establishment and potassium is needed to increase tolerance. Tillers will come on hand to do this.

Once the site is ready, you need to choose the seeds best suited to your climate. Use a broadcast or seed spreader, which will help you spread the seeds by distributing them evenly in all directions of the garden. You can then apply mulch to protect your seeds, with organic materials like bark, wood chips, leaves, and grass clippings being great options. For all essential tools and items, Garden Master is the supplier you can trust.

Growing up

Seeding is the foundation of a healthy lawn or garden. You will need to water 2-3 times a day until the grass shoots start to emerge and become established. Watering should also be extended to other plants in the garden. Along with watering the new seed grass, you need to clean up your flower beds, trees, shrubs, and other areas of your garden. Remove dead leaves or any other debris; remember to wear protective garden gloves during this operation. Prune trees and shrubs with pruners and a Garden Master telescopic saw if you don’t do it in winter. Remove any stones or tree branches that are in the way, especially on paths and edges. Finally, clean out all outdoor furniture and add comfortable lawn chairs to relax on.


The spring garden bloom wouldn’t be complete without this eye-catching plant color. So for a little color in your garden, buy some pots or containers, put some soil in, then plant some brightly colored flowers. Although different flowering plants grow to different sizes and heights, one thing is certain; you should opt for perennials that do not grow, bloom or die in one season. They also do not require constant weeding and watering. Some of the best perennial plant species you can consider in South Africa include African daisies, agapanthus, balloon flower, beard tongue, blanket flower, etc.

Spring is a great season to cool off and start afresh. So, give your plants and lawn a springtime this season. For all the essentials and gardening tools, you can count on Garden Master, which has a catalog of suitable products.