Soccer: Starkville shows mid-season form in Spring Game win

STARKVILLE It almost seems like a foregone conclusion that you’re going to see something special when Starkville High School’s football attack takes to the field.

Quarterback Trey Petty and Co. was predictable from the start in their spring game against DeSoto Central on Saturday, and they managed to score on almost every possession in all three college periods, which they finished with a lead 40-0.

That tally was 53-0 at the end of the JV period.

“I don’t really care about the score, it’s the kids getting better and having fun,” Starkville coach Chris Jones said. “The goal was to get better right from the start of Spring Ball, and I feel like that’s kind of what we achieved.

“Hopefully. when we go to see the movie, it kind of stays true to what we saw here today. That’s it; like I said, I don’t really care not from the score. I just want the kids to improve and give us something to evaluate so we can have something to work on this summer.

Based on Saturday’s performance, the Jackets clearly did a good job in the spring. They put on a show for family, friends and fans, but mostly for several scouts in attendance, and especially for Jones and the rest of the coaching staff.

Petty and wide receiver Braylon “Stonka” Burnside put the sport on notice with their respective second campaigns, and they’re getting deserved attention from scouts, but wide receiver Jaylon York made sure everyone in attendance knew exactly what he was up to. was also capable. York had several impressive catches, including two for touchdowns.

On the first score, he got back on the ball as Petty threw running, then beat two defenders to get into the end zone. For the second touchdown, he beat his defender before catching the ball, walking into the end zone untouched after carrying the pass about 40 yards.

“Athlete!” Burnside said of York: “That’s all you can say; he is an athlete. My guy shines. He also received offers in the spring and I’m happy for him.

Petty felt the same.

“I think he’ll be huge for us this year,” Petty said of York. “Especially with Stonka there and everyone trying to worry about him, he’s definitely going to come in and make some noise this year.”

The offense shone as expected, and perhaps an overlooked but very important part of the Spring Game score is the “0” on the side of the DeSoto Central scoreboard. The Jackets defense proved very difficult for the Jaguars no matter who was under center.

There were times last year when the Jackets got caught up in shootouts, so the shutout was a great achievement for them. Getting more defensive stops will go a long way as they hope to build on last year, and Jones acknowledged their hard work as well as the work ahead of them.

“The goal was to keep them out of the end zone, and we achieved that, but we’re not going to be complacent because it’s a spring game,” Jones said. “We have to stay humble and be hungry because we want this to continue. We want to be consistent, and good defenses are consistent. You can’t be good today and bad tomorrow.

“I’m happy that we had a good day today, so now we have to put the good days on top of the good days. We need to make sure we have a good summer so we can have a good fall.