Seven Pirates H is finally coming to the West for a change this spring

Eastasiasoft announced that they will release the Monster Girl Developed by Idea Factory JRPG Seven H pirates on Nintendo Switch in the west in the spring of 2022.

The game will have a physical and limited edition available through Playasia, with pre-orders opening next week. In addition, all previous DLC from the original version of the PS Vita will be included in the version with enhanced HD visuals.

There is no work on whether the game is censored or edited at this time.

Seven H pirates is part of the Genkai Tokki RPG series. The titles have already been posted on Vita, but this latest entry is never expected to arrive in the West. Until now. This version of the game will include English and Traditional Chinese localization for more players to experience.

Digital prizes will be shared later. Pre-orders for the physical editions will open with Playasia at 11:00 p.m. Hong Kong (10:00 a.m.ET / 3:00 p.m. UK) this Thursday, January 13. Only 4000 limited editions will be available at US $ 59.99. Standard copies will be open for pre-order at US $ 39.99.

Seven H pirates tells the story of a young pirate, Parute, who sets out to recruit monster girls for a treasure hunt. However, his main objective is to increase his chest by finding the lost treasure of the Monsupi Sea. Players will explore various locations and fight against monsters that stand in the way of the precious treasure.

Players will command a few different monsters during battles through traditional RPG systems. Monsters can be captured and players will even have to help Parute by participating in a Booby Training minigame to increase the bust size of the all-female crew. This upgrades characters with more states and potency.

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You can watch the reveal trailer below: