Sasquatchfabrix. Spring/Summer 2023 Collection, Lookbook

Japanese fashion brand Sasquatchfabrix. has been around long enough that I’m often surprised how few people are actually aware of it, although it helps (or hurts) that it specializes in fairly advanced silhouettes. But, for Spring/Summer 2023, Sasquatchfabrix. offers something we all agree on: workers’ rights.

Somehow. Sasquatchfabrix. SS23 is titled “労働者を大切に”, which translates to “Take care of your workers” or, as Sasquatchfabrix. prefer, “Working Class Value.” Either way, it’s a surface-level nod to the kind of badass who probably couldn’t afford Sasquatchfabrix. even if they wanted to, but of course.

Honestly, you wouldn’t even get a sense of the theme by looking at the collection, which is quite unfortunate. It would have been a good time to really focus on no-frills workwear or something equally straightforward.

Yet it’s a collection as strong as Sasquatch has ever managed, rich in wacky patterns, loose fits and polished tailoring that has become a Sasquatch signature.

Elements of Japanese formal wear, in particular, end up forming the cornerstone of the collection as usual, mingling with graphic design inspired by woodblock printing and patterns drawn from vintage kimono.

Sasquatchfabrix. is very much a Japanese brand in that way, with lots of historical inspiration and even clothes that subvert the tropes of traditional clothing, like hanten jackets and hakama pants.

Currently, Sasquatchfabrix. rolls out its Fall/Winter 2022 collection, which includes a few adjacent needles lace stripe tracksuits – and, yes, I know no brand has patented the tracksuit, but there is one specific brand that has made the lined, logo-stitched tracksuit a very big thing these days.

But back to workers’ rights. Sasquatchfabrix. has a habit of casually flirting with the politically incorrect – shooting his Supreme collab lookbook to a memorial for its war heroes, incorporating Nazi symbiology into its Spring/Summer 2010 collection – but it has become much more sophisticated in recent years.

This theme, while not expressed with the directness that I would personally prefer, is pleasantly nuanced.

Next time make Marx hoodies and we’ll talk.