Rundown Kesarval Spring is about to get a makeover

Vasco: The famous Kesarval Spring in Cortalim is set to undergo a major facelift and additional facilities, with one of the popular tourist spots likely to be developed by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) in two phases.

A GTDC delegation including Deputy Managing Director Laxmikant Dharmoji and other officials visited the Kesarval spring with consultant Fourth Dimension Architects Pvt Ltd for a joint inspection with locals.

Although officials did not comment officially, sources said GTDC plans to develop the spring as well as a GTDC property with rooms and restaurants near the spring to boost tourist activity and bring back the glory of the famous spring of Kesarval.

Speaking to reporters, resident Eddie Fernandes said the Kesarval Spring is a famous site once known for its medicinal value.

“A lot of people were coming here from afar, but over time the spring was neglected and slowly became a place where anti-social elements create a nuisance,” Fernandes said.

“We had made a proposal to the tourism department through our deputy Anton Vas, and the department immediately inspected the site with a consultant to prepare an estimate and plan the project.”

Fernandes said the project will be resumed in two phases.

“The source will be developed in the first phase, followed by the development of the GTDC restoration facility in the second phase. We have asked the department to review the maintenance, after the project is completed.”

“We have told the tourism department to hand over the site to the panchayat to maintain it and if they cannot, we can ask the tourism department to contract it out to a competent agency,” Fernandes said.

“The tourism department has assured to provide facilities like high mast, security, tourism police and to make Kesarval one of the best tourist spots in South Goa which will attract people from across the state “, said Fernandes.

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