Renforth Resources continued to advance Surimeau with a spring prospecting campaign and a summer follow-up program leading to the mineralized extension of Lalonde from 2.5 km to 9 km.

By Steven Ralston, CFA



Renforth Resources’ (OTC: RFHRF) premier exploration initiative is the ensuing exploration and drilling program at 330 km2 Surimeau Property, a district-wide polymetallic (Ni-Cu-Co-Zn) project. Located in the Abitibi greenstone belt in the province of Quebec, Surimeau is host to several occurrences of battery metals, notably at both ends of a 20 km magnetic occurrence which extends between two historic mineralized zones, of Colony in the East in West Victoria in the West. Also, about 3.7 km north of Victoria West is The Londeanother historical site of polymetallic mineralization, with a recent extension strike length of mineralization at 9 km. In addition, a second mineralized band was discovered 75 m north of the main body of Victoria West.

Victoria West and Lalonde were both discovered in 1943 when surface mineralization was detected during the process of constructing a power line for the Rapide-Sept hydroelectric plant. Subsequently in 1958 and 1968, a total of 23 drill holes (2,318 m) were drilled at Lalonde. Assay results revealed the presence of copper, nickel and zinc mineralization.

Spring 2022 prospecting campaign (May)

In early May, Renforth Resources began the 2022 exploration season with a spring exploration campaign designed to develop a comprehensive list of targets for a planned drill program from 10,000m to 20,000m. Since many areas of the Surimeau property are accessible by road (including existing logging roads), the field team was able to prospect the entire property with numerous electromagnetic anomaly targets visited and samples taken.

During the prospecting work in the field, mineralization was detected visually on rocky outcrops located by the field crew. These visual results, and in some cases confirmed by XRF, revealed the presence of battery metal mineralization at several locations. The GPS record of the field crew’s work track is indicated by red lines in the prospecting map (below). The red circles indicate the areas that were sampled.

Laboratory analysis of over 400 grab samples will indicate the composition and grade of the mineralization. Sample analysis results are pending. The results will help determine follow-on locations for further exploration, including channeling.

Management is strongly encouraged to the EM survey has proven to be an excellent guide to locate mineralization. The survey is expected to continue to be a valuable input in the design of follow-up field work and, eventually, in the planning of drillhole locations.

Lalonde – Mineralization of polymetallic battery metals

On May 31, 2022, Renforth Resources announced that surface sampling site in Lalonde discovered sulphide mineralization of surface battery metals on an east-west orientation 2.4 kilometer strike. The field work area was detected by EM anomalies from the airborne electromagnetic-magnetic (EM/Mag) geophysical survey conducted in February 2022. Such EM anomalies tend to indicate the presence of sulphides in the magnetic structures.

West Victoria – Mineralization of Polymetallic Battery Metals

On June 9, 2022, Renforth Resources provided an update on the spring surface sampling exploration program to Victoria West. It was visually observed that the calc-silicate rocks collected on the surface (east and west of the area stripped in the fall of 2021) were well mineralized. Prospecting for surface outcrops in the area defined by the EM anomaly, as well as assay results from previous drill holes, have led management to conclude that the the calc-silicate rock unit at Victoria West is mineralized from surface to a maximum vertical depth of 200.5 m over a length of at least 2.2 km.

In the first six months of 2022, Renforth spent $83,554 on drilling and $95,311 on field exploration on the Surimeau District property.

Follow-up program summer 2022 (June – July)

At the end of June 2022, Renforth Resources launched a follow-up work program based on the visual mineralization observed during the spring prospecting campaign at Surimeau. The program included supplements prospecting, mapping, trenching and channel samplingmainly in the sectors of the best visual mineralization discovered during the May 2022 prospecting campaign, i.e. at west end of Victoria West and to The Londe.

On July 26, 2022, Renforth Resources announced that management had concluded that the strike length of mineralization at Lalonde now measures 9 km, up 2.4 km. The discovery was the result of the type and extent of mineralization detected visually and confirmed by XRF at five (5) trenches dug in Lalonde. Channels were dug in all the trenches and each trench was found to expose different parts of the mineralized system. Samples have been taken and the results of the analyzes will be published as soon as they are available.

During the summer 2022 follow-up program in West Victoria, three (3) trenches (trenches 6, 7 and 8) were dug east and west of the target area of ​​the fall 2021 stripping program. Mineralization was visually detected in all three trenches. The analytical results of the samples collected will be published as soon as they are available. Furthermore second mineralized band was discovered approximately 75 m north of the main body of Victoria West. The results of the analyzes will be published as soon as they are available.

Management plans to strip a wide trench on the north and south sides of the previously stripped area to investigate the mineralized bands discovered during the prospecting campaign carried out in the spring of 2022.

Newly released images from Victoria West’s Fall 2021 strip schedule

In recent videos, Renforth Resources provided impressive images of the barren area in Victoria West in the Surimeau property. The videos provide further information about the program and show the cut channels. The videos are available and can be viewed on the company’s YouTube channel at the following URLs.

Next steps expected in Surimeau

At Surimeau PropertyRenforth Resources plans to conduct a 10,000m to 20,000m drill programwhose targets will be determined by the spring-summer-fall 2022 exploration programs, as well as the complementary interpretation of the airborne electromagnetic-magnetic geophysical survey.

Parbec gold project

The Parbec gold project is on track for an updated NI 43-101 mineral resource estimate which will significantly increase the company’s gold resource. Subsequently, management is highly motivated to monetize the Parbec project in order to progress towards the proof of Polymetallic property across the Surimeau neighborhood.

At Parbec Projectinsider management a structural study to identify checks on the magnetic diorite that hosts the gold. Renforth assembled a team of geologists to compile and analyze all relevant data, including the most recent assay results from the 15,569m drilling campaign completed in 2021. Once the study was completed and followed by a further targeted exploration, an updated resource estimate is awaited. .

Recent funding

The company’s operations and exploration plans are funded by recent financings. In December 2021, Renforth completed private placements of 15,750,000 flow-through units and 14,000 common units, raising gross proceeds of C$1,576,260. Net proceeds were approximately C$1.392 million.


Renforth Resources has made steady progress in the asset verification process at its Surimeau Propertyan early stage polymetallic (Ni-Cu-Co-Zn) project that is, at the stage of discovery and exploration. East Elder very important for Renforth Resources for three reasons. First, this revolutionary discovery could be indicative of a district wide nickel-copper-zinc project that is geologically similar to the Outokumpu deposit, a commercial success in Finland. Second, the the nickel mining industry is gaining popularity as nickel demand for electric vehicle batteries is expected to exceed supply over the next five years. It is important to note that nickel is recovered more easily and much cheaper from nickel sulphide than from nickel laterite ore. And third, there is a significant valuation difference between junior gold and nickel sulphide mining companies. Any change in the perception that Renforth has gone from a junior gold company to a junior nickel sulphide company could close that gap.

The Surimeau property seems to have a litany of cost advantages: surface polymetallic mineralization accessible at lower cost by roads and surface mining methods and which is in a mine-friendly jurisdiction and near a source of greenery hydroelectric power. In addition, the Surimeau property is located only approximately 70 km from Glencore’s Horne copper smelter.

Renforth Resources is a junior mining exploration and development company which advances two high-priority mining projects: the Parbec gold project and the Property Neighborhood Surimeau. Parbec is an advanced gold project close to monetization, which is expected to happen after its mineral resource estimate is updated in 2022, while Surimeau is at an early stage. polymetallic (NeitherCu-Co-Zn) which is at the discovery and exploration stage.

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