Rejina Pyo Spring 2023 Fashion Show Review

Rejina Pyo Spring 2023 Fashion Show Review

The balance was perfect

By Lizzy Bowring

On this weekend like no other, when so many presentations follow one another with almost military precision, there are a few designers on the London Fashion Week schedule worth braving the crowds; Regina Pyo is one.

Today at the HYLO building in London, Pyo presented a duality of aims – one love and the other work. A title well named for its collection of targeted silhouettes.

This brand knows how to respond to all aspects of the hectic lives of its customers. And this collection of versatile pieces was no exception. With a reimagined approach to tailoring for his working wife, a creative, bespoke aesthetic emerged, highlighting a renewed focus on a sense of ease with simple lines.

Her show notes began:

“You can live beautifully in this world if you know how to work and love” Tolstoy

That was the inspiration to which her beautiful presentation unfolded. Recently, what the work wardrobe will look like for those returning to the office has been a burning question. Versatility paired with a sense of ease are the hallmarks of Spring Summer 23, and as we’re already learning, consumers place far more importance on how a product makes them feel. Therefore, styles with mood-boosting properties are a perk they will appreciate.

And so, while providing nuance to easy masculine tailoring, the opening silhouette translated these properties through a coveted sleazy tailored suit, followed by a lightly tied pale mint green trench coat – all key elements of the guard. – back to business dress. A great layered 3-piece is sure to be a win-win, or perhaps the super-casual boxy jacket worn with flowing masculine trousers.

And then, in all this fabulous tailoring, there are clothes that will give her client an even more positive state of mind.

Take the daring sheer yellow dress, artfully caught in the center of the bra, or a blouse, lightly gathered at the side of the body with delicate drawstrings, designed to draw a curvaceous silhouette and worn over the lightest of transparent skirts. Elsewhere, crochet bras were casually worn over the season’s strappy dress. – an item that apparently hasn’t seen better days.

The adage “it’s all in the details” fits Pyo’s repertoire, with a focus on asymmetrical shoulder lines and halter tops made from recycled nylon, as well as striking gold hardware.

The colors too were just as effortless and easy to wear. Here, Pyo showcased a palette of ‘new’ mellow-trals that rubbed shoulders with sunny yellow, sky blue, pale mint and the softest silver.

Accessories were equally coveted and versatile; this season, Pyo showcased the family of “knot bags” in “item box” and crossbody bucket sizes, while her jewelry featured organically shaped glass beads. Crafted in neutral hues, the wooden flats complimented any outfit and were just as business-like as her offering.

There is a sense of freedom in Pyo’s clothes that resonates with who his client is. These clothes are for the woman who feels comfortable with herself, follows her own rules and showcases her strength just through her sheer femininity. Rejina Pyo devotees today have embraced the idea that traditional workwear has been redefined. The balance was perfect.