Reed details first and only spring in Colombia

South Carolina defensive back Devonni Roseau completed his first spring in Colombia and is looking to make an impact on the Gamecocks defense in 2022.

One of the most talked about topics involving Reed was a big hit he picked up in training on March 26. During a press conference on April 6, Reed explained in detail what he was thinking before the snap.

“It was fourth and they have to get a yard and I was in the post,” Reed said. “I wanted to make sure I could still play the race because it was fourth and one. Few teams are going to throw him in fourth and one. A lot of teams like to run the ball because you’re more likely to get that yard. I just knew I had to play behind my guys, I couldn’t have two suits in a gap.

Once the ball was broken, Reed had an idea of ​​what the offense was going to do and executed his plan.

“I read it pretty slow,” Reed said. “I saw that some of the d-linemen had penetration that caused the ball carrier to stop his feet and change direction. I was able to slow down, get my readings and once I picked the gap I wanted to shoot I ran full speed and met the running back and the rest is history at from there.

Reed said when playing it safe you need to have a plan before the snap because of the number of different ways a play can be executed.

“I’ve been playing safety for a while and we’re pretty much quarterbacking the defense,” Reed said. “We really have to play smart. We also have to think before the ball is broken, you have to think about how many possibilities something can happen. It could be like this or it could be like this. Safeties, we constantly think. You always want to have a plan B with every move you make. I always think like that. Once you learn the offense and learn to study your opponent, the game becomes much slower. As the game was slower with this game, I was able to react faster than usual.

In the South Carolina secondary with Reed is the defensive back Cam Smithwhich is growing in popularity heading into the 2022 season. Along with Smith, Reed said the entire defense continues to improve as the spring progresses.

“Cam Smith, he’s been everywhere,” Reed said. “Really good guy, sticky guy. Darius Rush, Marcellas dial, they are all good. The whole DB body comes together and plays as one. Linebackers, we have Debo (Williams), Mohammad Kaba, they fly everywhere. The whole d-line helps us. When it comes to defence, we all have to help each other. Line D must go to the quarterback. Linebackers need to fill in the gaps and we need to hold everyone back.

Reed was one of the players that the head coach Shane Beamer and his staff brought in from the NCAA transfer portal during the offseason. Another was quarterback spencer ratter. Reed said Rattler and the offense as a whole are fun to play against every day in practice.

“The offense is really competitive,” Reed said. “They’re going to bring it to every practice. It’s really good to face good competition too. Spencer is a good quarterback and he can really thread the needle. It’s really good to face a quarterback with that level of arm and it helps me improve.

As for what he wants to work on heading into the summer ahead of the 2022 season, Reed has one area of ​​his game he knows he wants to improve.

“I just want to improve my leadership,” Reed said. “Being a bigger guy in the room and being more vocal. Helping the guys follow through and take my role on this team as well and become more comfortable and grow.