Predators eye June Lake in Spring Hill for the next ice center

While details are scarce, multiple sources have confirmed to The Tennessean that the Nashville Predators are considering land in the June Lake development in Spring Hill for their next ice center.

The ice facility would be a recreational facility jointly owned by Williamson County and the Town of Spring Hill that would be leased by the Predators and built in June Lake.

Although not yet finalized, this location would be the Predators’ fifth ice center after Bellevue and Antioch, which are now open and locations in Sumner and Montgomery counties announced recently.

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Predators CEO Sean Henry said in a statement that they had great discussions with Williamson County leaders over the years and always believed the right opportunity would present itself, which they would help develop a concept that would benefit this community like other ice centers. to have.

“And now that we’ve met with Southeast Venture, the City of Spring Hill and Williamson County, we’re confident the foundation is in place for us to move forward with what we all believe will be a vibrant sports center. , delivering great social impact and immediate regional economic benefit,” said Henry.

We asked Don Alexander, partner at Southeast Venture, the developer of June Lake, all the details he knows at this point.

Q: Is this ice center a done deal?

A: No. Although the City of Spring Hill and the County of Williamson have both provided positive feedback on the project, a feasibility study needs to be completed to smooth out the financial landscape for the project. “I think so far all parties think it’s a worthwhile undertaking, they just need to understand how the funding works. But all the feedback we’ve received has been supportive.”

Q: Where on June Lake would the ice center go?

A: The exact location has not yet been determined. “We are still working on exactly where they would be located in June Lake, but their use is in line with the rights that are already in place, so that’s a positive.”

Q: When can construction start and will an opening date be announced?

A: “As for the schedule at this point, we really just don’t know. Everything I told you would be wrong. But things are progressing well and people seem motivated to go through with it.”

Q: What would a project like this mean for Spring Hill and Williamson County?

A: In addition to being a huge boon to Williamson County schools with hockey teams, “A recreational facility like this would accelerate other growth opportunities in the area. We are very fortunate to be located in Williamson County in Spring Hill and nearby at the new interchange being built on I-65 I think everyone is excited to see this recreation facility come to fruition.

Q: Will this facility have two sheets of ice?

A: Details such as exact building size, square footage, exact uses and number of ice sheets have not been determined at this stage.

Q: So what are we waiting for?

A: “I think so far all parties think it’s a worthwhile business, they just need to understand how the funding works. All of the feedback we’ve received is supportive, but the city and county are in charge. We’re doing everything we can to facilitate its construction.”

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