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Peter Schrager Says Trey Lance “Made Giant Leaps” in Spring and Takes Lead Role

Stan Szeto – USA TODAY Sports

With Jimmy Garoppolo largely absent from the scene in San Francisco, Trey Lance has progressed to become the leader the 49ers need him to be at quarterback, according to Peter Schrager of FOX Sports and the NFL Network.

Schrager was a guest on the Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday and offered his thoughts on the current situation surrounding Garoppolo and Lance. As the 49ers (and possibly other interested teams) wait for Garoppolo to start pitching again after his offseason shoulder surgery, Schrager says Lance has won over his teammates with the way he’s adapted to his expected starting role.

“(Garoppolo) hasn’t been with the team,” Schrager said. “He was, for the most part, when he practiced, he was in Southern California. Trey Lance was with the team. Trey Lance ran the practices. Trey Lance ran the guys. Trey Lance pitched with wide receivers I don’t know if the train left the station to the point of saying “Who are you going to fight with Week 1?” Trey Lance has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few months, d “After what I was told, in terms of the playbook, but also in terms of the voice in the locker room. And with Jimmy gone, Trey really took that and was like, ‘ Okay, I’m the guy, follow me. And a lot of guys start following and saying, ‘Okay, this is going to be our future leader.'”

While Schrager’s news on Lance is positive regarding where the 49ers want their young quarterback to go in the season, there’s still a lot of uncertainty about what will happen with Garoppolo. It seems certain Garoppolo would prefer to play elsewhere in 2022, but Schrager thinks he may need to spend some time with the 49ers in late July and August to show his arm is fit before finding another team.

“I can see Jimmy being back in San Francisco and then finding something and trying to trade it during trade camp once he starts making those pitches,” Schrager said.

There was also a quick comment from Schrager on wide Deebo Samuel, who remains at an impasse with the 49ers over his future. Samuel hasn’t backed down on his request to be traded from the 49ers, but Schrager believes the team will continue to communicate with Samuel’s agent and try to find something that will at least provide a temporary solution.

“I think Deebo, they still have an open dialogue, and the hope is that the agent, Tory Dandy, and John Lynch can come to some kind of agreement where if it’s not an extension at this point at least we can understand we want Deebo to be part of it and he will get paid,” Schrager said.

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