Notre Dame Post-Spring Depth Chart – Offense

Notre Dame has completed the spring of 2022, the first of Marcus Freeman time. Notre Dame’s offense had a strong outing despite missing several key players, including at least three likely starters.

With spring now in the rearview mirror, it’s time to take a first look at the potential depth chart for Notre Dame’s offense.


A starter at quarterback likely won’t be named until fall camp, other than before the season opener against Ohio State, but from all Irish Breakdown has learned from sources, the battle is not over at the end of spring. .

Right now Tyler Bucher is the player with the big advantage at quarterback, assuming he can stay healthy. A difficult spring Drew Pyne is worrisome and can’t be ignored, but neither should we ignore what he showed coming off the bench last season to rally the offense against Wisconsin and Cincinnati.

First-year student Steve Angeli had a quality spring and is a bit ahead of what I expected, and I’m not even talking about its spring performance. Second year Ron Powlus III might have the strongest arm on the current roster.


Running Back - Post Spring Depth

This is arguably the smoothest depth chart on the list, and for good reason. Our Lady is absolutely charged with running backwards. I basically went with seniority from top to bottom, but a case could be made for the three returning ones to be the top back and the freshman Jadarian Prize had an exceptional spring.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who you list at the top, and fans should avoid jumping on Team Tyree or Team Diggs or Team Esteem or Team Price, which I see happening. The reality is they’re all going to play, they’re all going to have chances to make big plays and at some point this season all four players on the current roster will make impact plays this season.


Receiver X - Post-Spring Depth

Second year Laurent Styles spent the spring playing a lot in the slot machine and he is also able to play in limits. With Avery Davis coming back in the fall as the lunge I project Styles is moving to the X position, but it wouldn’t shock me to see Braden Lenzy staying front row and Styles moving to the boundary if one of those players doesn’t emerge. Either way, Lenzy and Styles are going to play a lot this season.

Z Receiver - Post-Spring Depth

Davis should return directly to the starting role in the slot, assuming he is healthy. If he’s not ready for a full-time role, I expect Styles to go back on the outside. Second year Jayden Thomas had a very good spring and topped it all off with a solid performance in the Blue-Gold Game. I could see Thomas playing all three positions in the Irish attack, and I put him here because it made the most sense, but I could also see him moving easily to the boundary position.

Receiver W - Post-Spring Depth

Yes Joe Wilkins Jr. was healthy, I guess he would be the first here, but Deion Colzie showed lightning in the spring game. If the quarterbacks had made better decisions, he would have scored two touchdowns. It was inconsistent this spring according to sources, but when it flashes it’s very impressive. He’ll need a strong summer and fall to stay at number one because I could see Styles, Thomas and Wilkins pushing him.

incoming freshman Tobias Merriweather should start in bounds, but he was able to play both outside positions. If limit players don’t step in, don’t be surprised to see Merriweather taking more and more reps away from them thanks to his size, athletic talent, and advanced feel as a road runner.


Tight End - Post-Spring Depth

Sources told IB that Mitchell Evans had the best spring, and Kevin Bauman injuring his knee in the Blue-Gold Game is his latest physical setback. If he is healthy, this battle will continue to rage for the reserve spot in the fall. Cane Berrong missed the spring while recovering from a knee drop, and if healthy will push Evans and Bauman in a big way.

Notre Dame will welcome a pair of very talented tight ends this summer, and the two Holden Staes and Eli Raridon (who is also recovering from a knee injury) have big time potential, so returners better be on their game this fall.


Left Tackle - Post-Spring Depth

There are a lot of advantages to this position, but at the moment Joe Alt is clearly the best player in the position. tosh baker had a good spring according to sources, but he is not near Alt yet.

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Left guard - post-spring depth

This is probably the only interior position that will see the greatest battle rage in the fall. Andrew Kristofic is the returning starter after holding the position at a quality level for the last seven games of the season. Kristofic was a bit up and down this spring, but he’s a solid player who can handle the left guard position.

After a difficult start to spring, the second year Rocco Spindler ended the spring in style. He performed well in the Blue-Gold Game and sources said he was very good in the second half of the spring. If Spindler can continue to improve his conditioning and footwork, there’s no doubt he’ll have a chance to push for a starting role in the fall.

Center - Post-Spring Depth

Once Jarrett Patterson proves that he is healthy, I could also see one of the backup centers moving up to guard and competing for that role. Zeke Correl looked like his old self in the spring, which was an incredibly encouraging revelation. He was bigger, more physical and played with a lot more confidence. He started the first six games of the 2021 season at left guard but struggled mightily. With better training, he looks so much better, and he shouldn’t be discounted as a possible outside move to guard if that position stays open. At the very least, he established himself as the center of the future once Patterson left, and Correll still has two seasons of eligibility remaining beyond the 2022 season.

Michael Carmody started two games at tackle last season but moved to center this spring. He’s gotten better and better at center but he’s still learning the position. Carmody is also a player who could move to guard if the need arises.

Straight guard - depth after the spring

Josh Lugg looks entrenched as a starter, but if he goes down you’ll likely see one of the centers or the second in the left guard battle switch to right guard. First-year student Billy Schrauth missed the spring, and I’m interested to see how he does in the fall if he’s healthy.

Right Tackle - Post-Spring Depth

Blake Fisher could be a breakout player for the Irish this season after impressing in the two games we saw last season. He has star potential. Caleb Johnson had a quality spring but it still tries to add weight. I’m projecting this freshman Ty Chan will start his career at right tackle, but he could also be a candidate to move inside.

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