NIS America Reveals Exciting Upcoming Spring and Summer 2022 Lineup

As the hottest months of the season approach, NIS America has announced its next lineup of games so far for the year 2022, and like the months, they’re bringing the heat.

NIS America is known for its large backlog of titles, such as the Disgaea, Yes, Trailsand Fallen Legion series of games, and with such a range of titles, they have been a go-to company in the gaming industry since their inception in 2003.

This month, the gaming world was blessed with what’s next for the exciting publisher in the Spring and Summer 2022 seasons, with a group of titles that aim to provide entertainment for the weeks to come. Without more introductions, this is what the exciting company aims to bring to the world of gaming soon, globally.

NIS America releases coming soon in Spring and Summer 2022

Prinny presents NIS Classics Vol. 2

This mashup of two beloved titles from the NIS America catalog — Makai Kingdom: recovery and rebound & ZHP: Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman – are finally making their way into the modern era, with the Classics Vol. 2 on Nintendo Switch only available as a bundle, or on PC where titles can be purchased separately. Featuring modes that have never seen Western audiences before, these titles are coming to the next generation of consoles a full decade after their release. The release date is right around the corner, and fans looking for a single-player experience need look no further after May 10, and pre-orders can be made through the INS website.

Disgaea 6 complete

Disgaea 6 Complete' is coming to Playstation and PC

The last entry in the Disgaea series, Disgaea 6 launched in June last year. The Complete Edition not only comes with the base title for fans, but the Hollow DLC is included at no additional cost, and a PS5 upgrade will also be provided for those who claim the PS4 copy. Disgaea 6 complete will be available worldwide on June 28with all the traditional tactical RPG gameplay Disgaea fans know and love, all over the world.

Yurukill: The Slander Games

Nis America reveals its exciting upcoming lineup for Spring &Amp;  Summer 2022

NIS America has refined its gaming lineup with an all-new title called Yurukill: The Slander Gameswhich is a huge genre title that can best be described as an isometric shooter like Previous or twin beemixed with courtroom dramas like Phoenix Wright or Danganronpa. With epic boss fights and a sprawling narrative that features voice acting, this will be a new title to watch. yurukill releases July 5 in North America, and can also be pre-ordered on the NIS America website.

Fallen Legion Collection

Fallen Legion Collection will be released later this year |  Rpgfan

Finally, by combining the two Fallen Legion titles in a neat set, the collection will be released later this year by NIS America. The A-RPG series which features grid-like gameplay elements, is heavily story-based, and fans will want to see it through to its conclusion. It’s HUGE to finally announce not only the release of this exciting bundle on PS5, but for the very first time, Fallen Legion will find its way to the Xbox console lineup. With over 20 different story endings across the two titles, this pack will be plenty valuable when it releases in North America on August 23rd.

Prinny presents NIS Classic Vol. 3

Prinny presents Nis Classics Vol.  3 announced for Nintendo Switch and PC |  Rpgfan

This title takes players back to what may have launched the tactical RPG genre in 2002 with The Maid: Ragnarök and 2009 Rhapsody: A musical adventure. Both arrive in this package with huge quality of life improvements such as the ability to rotate the camera and updated sprite artwork for both titles, with an expected release date of August 30th.

Besides those exciting titles that come out during the warmer months when things start to cool down as fall arrives, NIS America still has one last title worth watching in The legend of heroes: trails from scratch, which takes place simultaneously during the history of The Legend of Heroes: Paths of Cold Steel, and its sequels, in the lands of Crossbell rather than Erebonia. This cult-favorite JRPG finally sees an NA release on September 27, also featuring quality-of-life improvements and improved visuals.

NIS America shows no signs of slowing down its plethora of releases in the coming months with its huge lineup announcement. Fans who want more information on any of these releases can visit the NIS America website for more information, or follow the Official NIS Twitter for new announcements.