MindSprout Montessori offers hybrid learning opportunities for students in Old Town Spring

At MindSprout Montessori, students can learn with a hybrid program of home and classroom learning – a formula that founder Desiree Corbin says is helpful for parents and enjoyable for students.

“The biggest compliment for me is that the kids don’t want to leave,” Corbin said.

Located in Old Town Spring, MindSprout Montessori was founded in August 2021 and offers classes for children ages 3-9. Corbin said she was inspired to open a school after working as a teacher for 12 years and as a tutor since 2019.

As a tutor, Corbin said she’s found combining homeschooling and educator-led classes to be more affordable for families while helping her meet increased demand during the pandemic.

“Five days a week was very expensive,” Corbin said. “So…I would go to their house two days a week and then leave the parent’s homework for the child to do a few days a week.”

She also noted that MindSprout’s classes are “student-driven,” which means that while certain tasks need to be completed throughout the day, students decide when they complete those assignments.

If a student is intrigued by a specific topic, MindSprout educators then spontaneously follow that interest and help the student learn more about it, Corbin said.

“Our students really develop a lot of autonomy and responsibility for their own learning,” she said.

Corbin said she plans to expand her school to add an additional age group each year, incorporating more surrounding buildings in Old Spring Town as additional classrooms. Currently, MindSprout classes have approximately 12 students each and the school has two teachers. Corbin said she hopes to hire a third soon.

MindSprout offers classes based on the demand Corbin sees from homeschooled families, she said. Classes that will take place in the next school year, which is scheduled to start on August 29, include writing, Spanish and botany. The other courses are Cultural Studies – which touches on zoology, biology, history and geography – and Practical Life, which teaches life skills such as sewing and baking.

Additionally, Corbin said elementary and middle-aged children can also enroll in programs at school without being official students. Fun Fridays and Lego Robotics, programs focused on science experiments and art projects, are open to the community.

Corbin said his students enjoy the best of both worlds at MindSprout.

“[Students] are able to go to school and have that experience both academically and socially,” she said. “At the same time, they benefit from the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling.”

MindSprout Montessori

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Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8.30am-4.30pm, closed Sat.-Sun.