Luxury menswear brand June79 launches first spring collection at Saks Fifth Avenue

Black June79-owned luxury menswear brand is unveiling its first spring collection in a major way alongside luxury retail giant Saks Fifth Avenue.

June79 was founded by Chief Architect / Creative Director Shawn pean, a Brooklyn native who used his upbringing in New York and his short trips to Paris as inspiration for the new collection. The men’s clothing line transforms luxurious European fabrics into unique bespoke garments that are easy, comfortable, and have a familiar yet nuanced energy with each collection.

Pean has an impressive background in luxury retail, particularly in men’s clothing, paving the way for this exciting next step for the emerging brand launched last year. With USA-made pieces that draw inspiration from European sophistication and a Brooklyn attitude, June79’s Spring 2022 collection was designed to mix and match for the perfect ‘no-suit’.


The collection includes monochrome basics such as classic pants and blazers and bold colors on the brand’s iconic shorts. Having previously held a leadership role at Saks, securing retail space for their inaugural spring collection came naturally.

“I designed the June79 Spring ’22 collection in my forties, which was strongly inspired by the need to bond with others and with ourselves,” Pean told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

As fashion lovers enter the spring season, Pean knew the right areas to tap into when designing pieces.

“Part of the collection is a mixture of rich flowers and beautiful colors, evoking escape and the desire to travel,” he said. “Conversely, tuxedo and plaid styles remind us that there are many moments in life that are worth celebrating and inspire us to be as beautiful as we feel. “


With a mission to bring out the luxury of every wearer, the June79 spring collection was designed to make wearers feel and feel their best.

As black fashion designers continue to claim their rights in the luxury fashion market, Pean is using his power in the industry to continue to amplify those of under-represented communities.

“The luxury fashion industry is interesting for multiple reasons, but historically these brands have worked for a number of years to create a generational seduction of exclusion that has literally excluded legions of under-represented groups.” , Pean said.

“After decades in the luxury fashion space in multiple roles, I know it’s not impossible to change but it will take time, some humility from those in power and people like me, who not only create their own path but also open doors to bring others along on the journey.

Now that black luxury has become part of the conversation with BIPOC designers securing their rightful seats at the table, June79 is proud to be one of the emerging players in fashion.

“The emergence of black designers is a direct result of people deciding to create their own opportunity in an industry that has traditionally left them with no room to thrive and succeed,” said Pean. “Not to mention the historic barriers to entry around financing and brand development.”

After years of experience in luxury fashion, Pean already had a deep understanding of what was missing and how to fill the void.

“Now you have talented black designers with a creative ambition who know the current communications landscape,” Pean said. “This intersection creates a significant opportunity to create visibility and impact on a very engaged community.”

“While there is still a long way to go to attract talent, the impact of black designers on the new era of modern luxury is undeniable. “

Prices for the June79 Spring Collection start at $ 250 and go up to $ 2,295. Luxurious spring outerwear offers classic silhouettes that go from day to night.