Lever Announces Spring Release and Annual Talent Benchmarks Report

New updates include ISO20071 certification and creation of a more personalized approach to recruitment

SAN FRANCISCO, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The sink, a leading talent acquisition suite, has announced the release of its Spring feature, offering more setup, integrations, and ease of use. Additionally, Lever received ISO20071 certification and launched the latest Talent Assessment Report customer usage statistics.

Lever’s new Talent Benchmarks report measured the use of Lever by 5,000 clients and found that time-to-hire significantly decreased overall, the typical time to find, hire, interview and get offers accepted by with applicants taking 23 days on average in 2021 This is 20% faster time-to-hire than in 2018, when it took an average of 28.8 days for customers. As recruitment continues to evolve with today’s market, it is essential that companies position themselves positively from a candidate’s perspective, making the recruitment process quick, easy and one-stop, from initial outreach to offer. signed. The report provides additional insights ranging from the number of job applicants companies typically need to fill critical positions to the average response rate to personalized emails to target prospects, sharing insights anyone can learn lessons.

“We are constantly evaluating ways to make the recruitment process easier,” said Lori Elsworth, product manager at Lever. “As our Spring release features went live, we kept our users in mind allowing Lever to be more customized for each business’s use case, supporting the growth of business and changing needs.”

Our spring release includes additional features such as:

  • Dynamic approval workflows: Automated workflows can have a huge impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of a helpdesk team, which is why we’ve enhanced our automated approval processes to be smarter and eliminate potential bottlenecks.
  • Hire delay configuration: based on the company’s distinct definition, ensuring they can measure the metric in a way that reflects their unique talent acquisition processes and see a more complete hiring journey for candidates.
  • Multiple offer forms with unique offer field sets: Multiple offer forms can now be created by our customers by role, team, department, location and profile origin. This means users can ensure that only the most relevant form fields are included in offers sent to specific types of candidates and have the ability to easily reuse these unique forms for different hiring needs in the future. .

In addition to the new Spring Release features, Lever has received its ISO20071 certification. ISO 27001 is a valuable way to identify, mitigate and monitor your company’s information security risks and is globally recognized as a best practice. Lever is committed to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and has invested in industry standard frameworks that protect information. Lever also launched 40 new integrations and partnerships to support customers with HubSpot, Deel, Tilr, and more that can be viewed here.

To read all the spring release updates, check out here.

About the lever

Lever is a leading talent acquisition suite that makes it easy for talent teams to achieve their recruiting goals and connect companies with top talent. Lever is the only platform that offers all talent acquisition managers a complete ATS and robust CRM capabilities in a single product, LeverTRM. The Lever Hire and Lever Nurture features allow leaders to scale and grow their people pool, build genuine and lasting relationships, and find the right people to hire. Lever Analytics provides custom reports with data visualization, displays completed offers and interview feedback, and more to inform strategic decisions between hiring managers and executives.

Lever’s platform also allows companies to hire with inclusiveness in mind, helping to eliminate any hiring bias. Lever serves the hiring needs of over 5,000 companies worldwide, including teams from Netflix, Spotify, Atlassian, KPMG and Nielsen. For more information, visit https://www.lever.co.

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