Last year’s drought means more pollen this spring – Saskatoon

This spring, the air is filled with more pollen than usual, a result of last summer’s drought.

“It comes from spruce trees, like this spruce tree behind me here,” said Helen Shook, USask Gardenline Specialist.

Due to the heat of last summer, the trees have started to stress, which means they will create more pollen to procreate.

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“The cones grew last year in response to stress because they really needed to make sure the trees could produce seed for this to continue and that’s why we’re seeing so much pollen,” said Shook.

Cone seeds sprout more spruce, but many people with pollen allergies definitely feel the increase.

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“Some of my friends have to wear masks when they literally go out because it’s everywhere and they’re constantly sneezing,” said Saskatoon resident Blake Dickie.

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Unfortunately, there aren’t many solutions to help those struggling, other than over-the-counter medications.

“People with allergies should talk to their doctor and wait,” Shook said.

Shook thinks it will last about two more weeks in Saskatoon.

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