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Everyone loves a beautiful home environment. One of the ways of improving such beauty is through a well-maintained landscape. If you don’t have one already, the best thing is to speak to a reliable landscaping company to create one for you.

There are several things you should consider when thinking of creating a landscape design. One of them is the size and terrain of a home yard or garden.

The other thing is the theme that you might prefer. These and others are some of the things homeowners should discuss with a landscaper before they get down to work.

There are several lawn items commonly used by different companies in creating beautiful gardens. They include brushes, trees, flowers, timer valves, seedlings among others. The items used usually depends on the company doing the actual job.

That’s why it is important for homeowners to be careful when choosing a landscaping company. Factors such as the cost of the service, experience, materials used should be considered in choosing the right landscaping company. Lawn Care of Sandy Springs provide the most affordable packages to meet anyone’s needs. Below are main services offer in our packages or a la cart.

Lawn mowing
Lawn mowing entails cutting grass to the desired size. It is normally done using a special machine that’s supposed to bring out great landscape design. Most landscaping companies have their own type of equipment aligned with the services they provide.​

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    Lawn edging
    Lawn edging is also included in most packages. It is basically meant to provide a garden with a well-sculpted appearance and create strong boundaries between the lawns. It gives a yard a form of manicured look that can be noticed from afar.

    Weed eating
    Weed eating is an integral part of any lawn care service. We use gas-powered line trimmers to trim out all the parts that might have been left during lawn mowing. This ensures that a perfect landscape design comes out from the entire process.

    Sprinkler Repair & Installation
    Without a proper sprinkler, keeping a lawn green won’t be easy. That’s the reason why every homeowner should ensure only professionals to install high-quality sprinklers. Our professionals consist of experts, with high quality service and the best price in Atlanta.

    Additionally, sprinklers tend to wear out and start leaking after a few years. Best practice is to make sure they are well maintained. We at Lawn Care of Sandy Springs are able to perform the following services during repair and maintenance:

    • Sprinkler valve check
    • PVC pipes and water lines
    • Leaks and drainage
    • Zoning
    • Efficiency upgrades

    Installation of new trees
    One of the features of proper lawn care is diversification. A garden doesn’t have to stay with the same appearance year in year out.

    Old trees should be removed to pave way for the installation of new ones. You may suggest the type of trees you want or seek our consultants to provide guidance in determining the best value trees to fit anyone’s budget and all your lawn services.

    Let us provide the most amazing landscaping design and soon you can look out your window for a view of serenity. Call us now and our team of experts are standing by to schedule your first appoint. Because we strive to provide the best quality and the most affordable pricing, make sure to ask about our promotion and coupons.

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