Kingsport’s Spring Spectacular Photography Contest Announces 2022 Winners | Culture & Leisure

The 20th Annual Kingsport Spring Spectacular Photography Contest and Exhibition recently held its judging for the 2022 season.

The judges, who have extensive photography experience, were chosen by Ann Fortney, creator and organizer of the contest.

Fortney said she chooses the judges based on their expertise and tries to change the judges every year.

“I want contest entrants and everyone else to understand that when their photographs are judged, they are judged by the best,” Fortney said.

Fortey noted that judging is not “a piece of cake” for the judges.

“There were ties in all categories. It happens every year,” she said. “That’s the kind of talent we have in this competition. We’ve had to break ties in every category almost every year.

The 2022 judges were Mark Freeman, Jim Goodwin, Jared Patrick, Paul Pope and Jeffrey Sturgill.

Eighty-three participants entered 489 photographs this year, the third highest number since the start of the event.

The exhibition portion of the event now hangs at the Kingsport Renaissance Center on East Center Street.

“Each of the photos are hung, and the ribbons are also hung with the winning photos,” Fortney said.

Nearly $3,000 was awarded this year to winners of First, Second, Third Place, Best Show, Jerry Penley “I Love the Blue Ridge/Appalachian Region” and People’s Choice Awards. There were 163 honorable mentions. The winners are listed by level and category below.

YOUTH: 1st place – “Spring Babies” by Peyton Lingerfelt; 2nd Place – “Do you mind?” by Madison Sartain; 3rd place — “Walk in the Park” by Madison Sartain; Honorable mentions — Peyton Lingerfelt, Megan Starnes, Caitlyn Checchi, Madison Sartain and Carson Crouch.

AMATEUR NATURE COLOR: 1st place – “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” by William Meekes; 2nd place – “Summertime Promises of Yosesite” by Steven Jarrett; 3rd place — “Stumpy Lake Sunset Reflections” by Tim Pennington; Honorable Mentions — Stan Ricker, Cheryl Humphrey, Michael Starnes, Gregory Hurd, Bill Watkins, Christy Peters, Elle Sartain and Michael Barrett.

MONOCHROME NATURE LOVERS: 1st place – “Fleeting Window” by Bill Watkins; 2nd place — “Spirit” by Julie Byers; 3rd place – “Fire Fox” by Stan Ricker; Honorable mentions — Michael Starnes and Michael Barrett.

AMATEUR PICTORIAL COLOR: 1st place – “Truckin” by Bill Watkins; 2nd place – “Gnome Trails” by Robert C. Murray; 3rd place — “Azalea Mountain Pass” by Michael Starnes; Honorable Mentions — Julie Byers, Michelle McFarland, Michael Starnes, Christy Peters, Kelly E. Heaton, Tim Pennington, Kathy Wilson, Elle Sartain, Eric Crouch, Crystal Ramirez, Grace Juodaitis, Michael Barnett, Janina Peltier, and Chris Peltier.

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MONO-CHROME PICTORIAL AMATEUR: 1st place – “Where Dinos Roam” by Janina Peltier; 2nd place — “In the past” by Janina Peltier; 3rd place – “Where Walking Trees Go” by Christy Peters; Honorable Mentions — Michael Starnes, Kim Mickow, Nancy Crumley, Tabatha Harlow, Mary Alice Basconi, Kelly E. Heaton and Eric Crouch,

AMATEUR CARRIE PENLEY SPECIAL THEME “SONGS”: 1st place — “It’s a Butterfly” by Beverly Meekes; 2nd place — “Intergalactic Beastie Boys” by Janina Peltier; 3rd Place – “Whooo Are You? by The Who” by Michael Starnes; Honorable Mentions – Michael Starnes, Kim Mickow, Angelina Ward, Beverly Meekes, Christy Peters, Carrie Whetsell, Elle Sartain, Helen Johnston, Rebekah Hunt and Janina Peltier.

COMPETENT NATURE COLOR: 1st place — “Nature in Motion” by Bud Shinall; 2nd place – “Cataloochee Dawn” by Bud Shinall; 3rd place — “The Last Days of Autumn” by Charles Edwards; Honorable Mentions — K. Michelle Jenkins, Sherry Roberts, Pam Conley, Charles Edwards, Rob Storrs, Lynn Crumley, Tina Graham, John Downey, Debbie Ramey, Jim Cook, Joey Rutherford, James Price, Regina Shinall, Sarah Smith, and Hector Ramirez.

MONO-CHROME NATURE PROFICIENT: 1st place – “Standing in Awe” by Pam Conley; 2nd place – “Watching and Waiting” by Pam Conley; 3rd place — “Trees 1: Jack’s Creek Series” by Rob Storrs; Honorable mentions — Pam Conley, Laura Webb, Jim Cook and Regina Shinall.

COMPETENT PICTORIAL COLOR: 1st place — “Photographer” by Eric Donahue; 2nd place — “Burrowing Owl” by Charles Edwards; 3rd place – “Sunset at the River Course” by Lynn Crumley; Honorable Mentions — K. Michelle Jenkins, Bob Soyars, Rick Currie, Charles Edwards, Sandra Keen, Lynn Crumley, Frank Renault, Tina Graham, John Downey, Regina Shinall, Bud Shinall, Michelle Harless, Marie Bennett and James Price.

PROFITABLE PICTORIAL MONO-CHROME: 1st place — “Old Cowboy” by Rick Currie; 2nd place – “Sweet Java” by Bob Soyars; 3rd place — “The Shape of Light” by Pam Conley; Honorable mentions — Bob Soyars, Pam Conley, Rob Storrs, Sandra Keen, Joey Rutherford and Bud Shinall.

MASTER NATURAL COLORS: 1st place – “Morning Glow” by Belinda Bridwell; 2nd place – “Mother and Chick” by Belinda Bridwell; 3rd Place — “Nature Repeats Itself” by Mark Roberts; Honorable mentions — Mark Roberts, Terri Campbell and Jim Rigsby.

MONOCHROME NATURE MASTERS: 1st place – “Chapel Rock (infrared) by Terri Campbell; 2nd place – “Heart of Stone” by Terri Campbell; 3rd place – “Starstruck” by Terri Campbell; Honorable mentions – Mark Roberts and Terri Campbell.

MASTERS PICTORIAL COLOR: 1st place – “Friends Share Its Splendor” by Jim Rigsby; 2nd place – “Smokies Sunflowers” by Belinda Bridwell; 3rd place — “White Lilies” by Jim Rigsby; Honorable mentions — Mark Roberts and Terri Campbell.

MONO-CHROME PICTORIAL MASTERS: 1st place — “Contemplation” by Mark Roberts; 2nd place — “Crisp Point Lighthouse” by Terri Campbell; 3rd place — “Teringua 1903” by Terri Campbell; Honorable mentions — Mark Roberts and Jim Rigsby.

PROFICIENT / MASTERS CARRIE PENLEY SPECIAL THEME “SONGS”: 1st place – “Isn’t She Beautiful” by Belinda Bridwell; 2nd place — “Thunderstruck by AC/DC” by Mark Roberts; 3rd place — “Jump by Van Halen” by Belinda Bridwell; Honorable mentions — Pam Conley, Rob Storrs, Lynn Crumley, Laura Webb, Joey Rutherford, Michelle Harless, Tina Graham and Jim Rigsby.

BEST OF SHOW: “Morning Glow” by Belinda Bridwell

JERRY PENLEY “I LOVE THE BLUE RIDGE/APPALACHIA REGION” AWARD: Hideaway by Terri Campbell. This is Terri Campbell’s fifth consecutive victory in this category.

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD: “Let’s take a boat trip” by April Grenti.

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