“In the spring she became an orphan, in the summer – a girlfriend” – beloved Sinelnikova shared a note and a photo from the wedding

“Orel and Reshka” Ukrainian Television Broadcasting Company Yevgena Sinelnikova, producer in the company BADOEVTEAM Natalia Klipa, She hit a note on a marriage to a chosen one.

The new team also shared black and white photos with the world on Instagram.

Photo: instagram.com/natashaclipa

Yak Nataliya conceived, she lost her mother in the spring.

“This year for Ukraine, a strong black and white film began. This year, in the winter, she became married. And in the spring, she became an orphan – she lost her mother. In the summer, she became happiest woman – his beloved friend,” she wrote.

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Natalia also turned to her lover.

“You are my universe. We are waiting for fall, winter. We don’t know what they will be. But we believe in love, in the power of our nation. And we know that soon we will cry because happiness, because of our victory,” she added to Wanna.

The creator and host of the show “Eagle and Reshka” Evgeny Sinelnikov married a second time.

Nataliya Klipa, producer of the company BADOEVTEAM and co-founder of the advertising agency BADOEV ID, became her protector.

The holy lovers spent time in their house in Buchi, where at the beginning of the war they and their country hid from Russian troops. The occupants destroyed part of the building.