Hotel Chocolat launches spring sale with half-price Easter chocolate – Shop the deals

If you thought you missed out on discounted Easter treats, think again because Hotel Chocolat 50% Spring Sale arrived.

Whether you’re looking for something sweet to get you through the week or you’re still on the hunt for a bargain, there’s plenty of savings to be had.

From luxurious and creamy Easter eggs to stunning baskets, there’s something for everyone’s sweet taste.

You’ll have to be quick because the sale only lasts until Sunday and the chocolate products go fast!

Hotel Chocolat launches half-price spring sale

Easter H-Box

The Easter H-Box. Credit: Hôtel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolate describes his Easter Box H as the Present box who never stops giving.

The box offers everything from sumptuous caramel to a tipsy fruitcake, plus French champagne and pistashi-oh! for a touch of luxury.

The contemporary egg designs onere a tribute to the vibrant colors of Easter, but the brand prides itself on not using anything artificial.

Finished with a dazzling gold band, H-box Happy Easter is a truly special gift for someone on your mind.

Best before June 2022, was £13.50, get yours for £6.75 via the Hôtel Chocolat website.

Extra Thick Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

L'Argus: Extra thick dark chocolate Easter egg.  Credit: Hôtel ChocolatExtra Thick Dark Chocolate Easter Egg. Credit: Hôtel Chocolat

For those who appreciate the deeper notes of 70% chocolate, the Extra Thick Serious Dark Fix Egg might just be what you are looking for.

You can Satisfy that cocoa craving with a devilishly gourmet dark chocolate egg or by tasting the pralines and truffles that accompany it.

Presented in an elegant reusable box, it is the perfect easter gift that you can devour even when it is no longer Easter.

The crackle Extra Thick Dark Chocolate Easter Egg is now available for £15 in Hotel Chocolat spring sale.

The basket to bursting completely

The Argus: the basket to crack completely.  Credit: Hôtel ChocolatThe basket to bursting completely. Credit: Hôtel Chocolat

It’s called a ‘Utterly Cracking’ Basket for a reason with plenty of chocolate delights to unwrap.

Cart features a cocoa-centric take on an egg sandwich that was helped to assemble with a 3D scanner for an authentic bread shape and texture.

Next to the sandwich, there is a hard-boiled Easter egg Brownie with milk chocolate and pecan praline, Dark City Bunnies Sunny Side made with white chocolate, milk, caramel and praline and Elizapeck speckled eggs and salted caramel eggs.

Reduced by £60, you can now add the Basket to bursting completely to your basket for £30 via the Hotel Chocolat website.

Incredibly Vegan Ostrich Easter Egg*

The Argus: Incredibly Vegan Ostrich Easter Egg*.  Credit: Hôtel ChocolatIncredibly Vegan Ostrich Easter Egg*. Credit: Hôtel Chocolat

The Incredibly Vegan Ostrich Egg* means that vegans will never again be excluded from Easter.

Bringing plant-based springtime joy to the masses, this sweet treat is inspired by the gargantuan size of a ostrich egg.

This dairy-free delight has a thick shell made with Hotel Chocolat’s nut milk and there’s over a kilo of vegan chocolate to enjoy!

The luxurious egg also has a collection of chocolate treats next to it like 20 Incredibly Vegan* truffles, caramels and pralines.

Take it home for £42.50instead of £85 via the Hotel Chocolat website.

The whole Easter basket

The Argus: Easter basket for all things.  Credit: Hôtel ChocolatAll kinds of Easter baskets. Credit: Hôtel Chocolat

An online exclusive, the The whole Easter basket is not an appetizing treat you will want to miss.

The opulent basket is a complete collection of bunnies, eggs, cute characters and original treats.

It’s up to you whether you give it as a gift, share it with a friend or enjoy it on its own!

Reduced by £70, it can be in your basket for £21 via the Hotel Chocolat website.

Buy it complete chocolate range in Hotel Chocolat Spring Sale through the Hotel Chocolat website.