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As the weather warms up and the flowers bloom, it’s a great time to hit the hiking trails and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re exploring your nearest state park or taking a cross-country trip to scale a majestic mountain, you’re sure to soak up the beautiful scenery. If you go in a group, you will also create indelible memories.

The length of your hike, the complexity of the trails and terrain you travel, and the temperature of the area will determine your gear needs. At a minimum, you’ll need a backpack to store snacks, water, and other essentials. You can also opt for a new set of hiking poles. Before you hit the trail, be sure to pack these essential hiking supplies.

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1. CamelBak Rogue Light Bike Hydration Pack with 70oz Hydration Bladder

It is essential to stay hydrated while hiking or biking on a trail, especially in hot weather. the CamelBak Rogue Light Bike Hydration Pack with a 70 oz. Hydration bladder features an impressive 7 liter waterproof capacity with a 2 liter Crux tank. It is elegant, light, durable and comfortable. Plus, there’s a ventilated harness and an integrated Air Support Light back panel with reflective detailing so others can see you in the dark. There’s also a handy pocket to store keys, your phone and more.

2. KINGGEAR trekking poles, foldable and adjustable walking poles

Hiking poles can provide balance and stability and relieve your joints when navigating a hiking trail. When you encounter difficult terrain, you need reliable poles to stay stable throughout your course.

KINGGEAR Trekking Poles are made of 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum. They are therefore light and easy to manage. The lightweight material allows for better traction and support on rough terrain. Plus, the adjustable height extends from 25.5 inches to 54 inches to accommodate a variety of hikers. They also feature sweat and non-slip handles and easily fold up for storage.

3. Nalgene Wide Mouth Water Bottle

It can get hot on the trail, especially on a long hike. Water replenishes the fluids you lose in motion. Nalgene Wide Mouth Water Bottle offers a simple hydration solution. The 32 oz. The bottle is BPA, BPS and phthalate free and made from Tritan. Convenient wide-mouth top is easy to fill and add ice. The USA-made cup holder is also waterproof and shockproof. The bottle is also available in different colors and is dishwasher safe.

Covering your head is essential when hiking. Colombia Bora Booney offers a fashionable hat that blocks the sun’s UVA and UVB rays with OMNI-SHADE. OMNI-WICK technology transfers moisture from your skin to the fabric and evaporates quickly to keep you cool and dry. You’ll also appreciate the mesh vent that allows a breeze to maximize airflow. The hat also adjusts for a comfortable fit.

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5. Banana Boat Sport Ultra, Reef Friendly, Broad Spectrum Sun Spray, SPF 50, 6 oz. – Double pack

Basking in the beauty of nature on a hike is physically and mentally invigorating. Before heading out into nature, applying sunscreen is essential. Banana Boat offers robust UVA/UVB protection with its Sport Ultra, Reef Friendly, Broad Spectrum Spray with SPF 50 Formula. The spray provides superior endurance and resistance against water and sweat. You can hike, bike or swim and be sure it protects your skin.

6. CLIF BARS – Energy Bars – Best Selling Variety Pack

As you burn off energy on your next outdoor adventure, eventually you’ll need a boost. CLIF BARS energy bars will do. The Amazon-exclusive Variety Pack contains 16 bars in mouth-watering flavors like Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Brownie, and Peanut Butter Crunch. CLIF BARS makes eco-friendly snacks with sustainably sourced chocolate and plant-based ingredients with a balanced mix of protein, fats and carbohydrates.

7. Kar’s Trail Mix Variety Pack 24 Bags 2.375 lbs.

If this is the flavor you crave, this Kar’s Trail Mix The variety pack contains eight bags of Apple Nut Yogurt, eight bags of Mango Pineapple Mix, and eight bags of Sweet ‘N Spicy Mix. The crunchy, individually wrapped snacks deliver a big blast of sweet and savory happiness. Kar’s has been creating bright smiles with pioneering customers for nearly 80 years.

8. 14-in-1 multi-tool with safety lock

Hikers, cyclists, campers and outdoor enthusiasts should be prepared for a variety of unexpected situations on every adventure. This 14-in-1 multi-tool with safety lock fangfo can tackle many different tasks. For example, you can cut branches and twigs, open bottles, tighten loose screws and much more. When the tool is open, the convenient safety locking mechanism locks every tool and knife (except the pliers). Plus, it’s lightweight and easily folds up to fit in your pocket.

9. First Aid Only Essentials Multipurpose Soft Sided First Aid Kit, Blue, 298 Count

Even the most experienced hikers can have mishaps in the remote woods. That’s why a comprehensive first aid kit is high on the list of essentials for your next outdoor adventure. the First Aid Only Essentials Versatile First Aid Kit includes 298 pieces to help with multiple emergencies. Treat cuts, scrapes, burns and more on the spot. The kit contains bandages, sterile gauze pads, scissors, tweezers, cold compresses and finger sprints.

ten. Orientation compass – Hiking compass

It’s easy to lose your sense of direction in the remote outdoor environment. the Orienteering Hiking Compass will guide you to your destination. This multifunctional Boy Scout-approved compass features a high-speed magnetic needle, horizontal compass orienting lines, scale map for navigator mapping, and more. The lightweight navigation device slips easily into your pocket for easy transport.