High Velocity Dance Company presents Spring Showcase | Herald of Copperas Cove

A GymKix competition group wowed the crowd at SC Lee Junior High School last week in Copperas Cove. The High Velocity Dance Company held its spring showcase on May 28.

During the showcase, over 40 dancers entertained the crowd with various upbeat dances that incorporated jazz, rock and roll, pop, and slow dances with piano and instrumental music. There were group dances and solo performances. The dancers twisted, rolled and flew through the air. Each performance had its own unique choreography designed by director Ashley Coombs, assistant director Dorianne McDonald and the band’s choreographer.

“It’s so nice that we can do these performances again and not have to wear masks, because these girls thrive on being able to perform and love performing for their family, friends and community,” Coombs said.

Coombs explained that the new season is already starting soon.

“We are starting a new season soon and will start training in June, we will hold auditions in August,” she said. “We will continue to play for various community events like the Back to School Party at Chick-Fil-A in August. We also have great shows at Christmas with tree lighting and the Krist Kindl market. We will begin competing statewide beginning in February of next year.

McDonald has been a choreographer since March 2020 and became the dance company’s assistant dance director in September 2021. She graduated from Copperas Cove High School in 2019 and started dancing when she was 11 years old.

“I love this performance and working with these kids,” she said last week.

GymKix is ​​locally owned by sisters Carrie Harris and Stephanie Beveridge and their mother Trixie Bennett.

“We’ve been here since 1999 and we’ve found the right formula to make this business work,” Harris said. “It’s great to see this dance company performing in public again without having to wear masks and worry about being canceled. There was so much energy today and our kids are amazing.

The High Velocity Dance team was established in 2000 to help students of all ages learn and practice the art of dance. Since the formation of the group, the teams have won numerous regional and national titles, and their teams, dancers and coaches have been recognized many times in industry magazines.