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Lot 6 (PP) of the bull sale at Rosevale Santa Gertrudis property on Tuesday September 20 at Jandowae shows an EBV of -9.1 days before calving. Photo provided

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As the Greenup family prepares to celebrate their 66th bull sale on the property this year, they remain committed to producing highly fertile and productive Santa Gertrudis cattle that perform in a range of environments.

Now selling bulls on Australia’s oldest estate, David and Sonya Greenup and their family will be offering 145 bulls and three pregnant tested females on Tuesday September 20 at their estate, Rosevale, Jandowae. The sale will also interface with AuctionsPlus allowing potential buyers from across the country to bid.

According to Mr Greenup, increasing kilograms per hectare, with an emphasis on herd fertility, has underpinned all breeding decisions at the stud for more than 30 years.

He said the Rosevale herd is one of the most widely and accurately recorded herds in northern Australia.

“Santa Gertrudis Group Breedplan is used to help identify and breed animals that are genetically superior for a wide range of traits,” he said.

“The result is that generations of high-performance genetics are stacked on top of each other, yielding consistently predictable results for traits that affect the profitability of the cattle herd.”

Confirming the consistent quality of their genetics, this year’s draft of Rosevale sales bulls averages an estimated breeding value in days to calving of -6.9 days with 84 of the young bulls ranked in the top 25% of the Santa Gertrudis breed for this trait.

Lot 52 of the Rosevale Santa Gertrudis bull sale has an EBV of -5.4 days before calving. Photo provided

The catalog for this year’s sale also includes 89 bulls ranked in the top 25 for the Export Production Index, which is determined by a combination of fertility, growth and carcass characteristics.

The $index of export production estimates genetic differences between animals in terms of net profitability per cow joined, for example, a self-replacing commercial herd targeting pasture and finished steers for export.

“$Indexes are very powerful metrics, bringing together all of the EBVs that contribute to profitability into one simple monetary value,” Greenup said.

But Mr Greenup also pointed out that as well as improving his performance figures, the stud has continued to focus on producing commercially oriented sires with proven longevity.

Greenups have a policy of showing their bulls off pasture ensuring they adapt easily to their new homes no matter what country and/or season they go.

“Because of their fit and healthy upbringing, they also have a longer working life, making them good value for money,” Greenup said.

“We expect our bulls to get the job done from day one.”

Mr Greenup said that despite three-quarters of the average annual rainfall at Rosevale over a recent five-year period, pregnancy rates in the cow herd have been maintained at 90%. As seasonal conditions have improved over the past year, results in 2022 were higher.

“That kind of reproductive resilience is one of the main reasons for the acceptance of our cattle,” he said.

“Many of our customers raise cattle in more difficult conditions than ours, so putting pressure on our herd to perform ensures that our bulls will deliver results in their herds wherever they are.”

The Rosevale Santa Gertrudis herd at Rosevale, Jandowae, is one of the most widely and accurately registered stud farms in Northern Australia. Photo provided

The Greenup family has a long-term vision and thus has a loyal clientele. They currently sell over 400 Rosevale bulls each year throughout Qld and NSW, with interest also coming from WA, SA and the Northern Territory.

“Buyers often comment on the actionability of our bulls in their first season and are often surprised at how big the bulls grow when they mature,” Greenup said.

“These comments come as no surprise to us because the Breedplan EBVs of these bulls predict that they have higher growth than their selling weights indicate. Our selection of higher fertility females has created a herd of animals that are good with ‘efficient engines’.”

Mr Greenup said cattle producers don’t have to understand all the data Rosevale has to offer.

“By focusing on the areas most important to them, they can select sires with confidence, with our balanced approach the rest is taken care of.”

Details: For more information and a sales catalog visit www.rosevalesanta.com.au

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