Heavy rain floods an apartment complex in the town of Spring Valley in Rockland County

SPRING VALLEY, NY — Heavy rain Saturday afternoon infuriated tenants of a Rockland County apartment complex.

They told CBS2’s Astrid Martinez that flooding often happens during storms.

It was a difficult day for many people at the Spring Valley complex due to rain and flooding of their building. The tenants called the fire chief and the police for help.

“We’ve been there. They come here, they pump, they let us take care of the direction and nothing happens,” Tanika said.

Every unit on the lower level of the complex was inundated with water when rain fell on Saturday afternoon.

“Well, anytime it rains heavily, it’s a flooded area, basically. It’s like a swimming pool,” said a tenant named Carolyn.

Frustrated and irate tenants began recording the destruction on their cellphones, showing CBS2 water gushing through doors, entering closets, the kitchen, through pantries and cabinets.

“This is my last. I’m moving. I’ve had enough of this. I can’t take another one,” Carolyn said.

Carolyn, who has lived at the complex for six years, said the apartments flooded with every heavy downpour.

“I lost my stuff in a warehouse there, like almost two pieces of stuff because of all that water coming in, and there’s no compensation for that,” Carolyn said.

Residents blame the problem on faulty storm drains around the complex. Rainwater on Saturday also damaged several cars in the parking lot, leaving many unusable.

“It’s the second time my car has been flooded and this time it’s total,” said a renter.

This tenant did not want to speak on camera, but showed Martinez the interior of his vehicle.

“Water in my seat. I can’t start. Everything is flooded. I don’t know what to say. It’s the only car I have, and now I don’t go to work every day. is crazy,” the tenant said. said.

When the supervisor was made aware of the problem, he began to pump water from the building. Martinez asked Carolyn what else the apartment complex was doing to fix some of the issues.

“They just sent you back to the rental office and you don’t get anything from there,” she said.

Residents try to figure out what to do next. They called the police and the Red Cross for help. Many families with children had to rent hotels for the evening out of their own pockets.

Martinez called the rental office repeatedly for answers, but no one answered.