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The outdoor area of your home is the first place that welcomes your family and friends. Through techniques and designs of softscaping, you can make an aesthetically pleasing lawn to welcome your guest. But what about hardscaping?


Hardscaping is an increasingly popular way of designing solid materials and incorporating them into your landscape design. What most people don't know about landscaping is that it comes in two forms. Softscaping, which involves all the living elements like plants, trees, and grass, falls under this category. On the other hand, hardscaping handles all the aspects that are non-living things. Materials like rocks, stone walkways, retaining walls are all part of hardscaping.

One great benefit of hardscaping is the low-cost maintenance. Unlike plants in softscaping, stones, walls, and other materials don't require prompt attention every day. You don't need to prepare care plans, water them, or even protect them from weeds. In other words, hardscaping is a "permanent design installation incorporated with your plants.

Finding an outstanding balance between softscaping and hardscaping elements is the key to a lawn that wows anyone lucky to lay their eyes upon. Here at Lawn Care Sandy springs, our team of professionals is well-versed in the latest trends and designs in both softscaping and hardscaping. Our team can design and build hardscape elements that look and feel luxurious but come at an affordable price.

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    The Big Benefits Of Hardscaping Services

    Increases the value of your home - An excellent hardscape design and layout complement your softscape beautifully. In line with these, the value of your property goes up. Nothing catches more attention than a professionally presented hardscape design.


    Putting up hardscape elements by creating your house's outdoor extensions dramatically makes a property seem higher in value. It gives additional usable space and footage that helps any potential buyers envision themselves relaxing in your house when they are thinking of purchasing your property. A study recently showed that around 80% of buyers look for an outdoor patio first when visiting a home for sale.


    Water-efficient - Compared to soft scape, hardscape materials don't require water to be appropriately maintained. This is especially important in areas where drought is expected or if your property is near a desert area. Hardscaping is a great alternative to fill up your lawn or backyard to give it a more attractive look.


    Define your landscape - Without the hard rocks and walls that are the basis of a hardscape, your yard may look flat and unappealing if it's only composed of trees and plants. With a little help from hardscaping, you can add defined borders, inter-weaving paths, and dimensions to your yard that help it appear cleaner and beautiful.


    Prevents Erosion - Professionals that do hardscaping make it a point to compliment the already installed softscaping materials. Strategically placed hardscape materials such as big rocks and concrete help prevent erosions and keep the soil compact for years to come.


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    Our Hardscaping Services Atlanta & Beyond

    Hardscaping is a great option to transform your backyard into an oasis. Imagine steping in your backyard and immediately feel your at a retreat. The hardscaping designs are limitless with full of options to design your dream backyard. The following are some of our team's best landscaping services that will surely make your lawn an attention grabber to passerby's.

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    Hardscaping - Sandy Springs & Atlanta GA
    Sandy Springs & Atlanta GA Hardscaping Pool


    Retaining walls

    What is a retaining wall? Well, in layman's terms, it's a structure that retains a mass behind it, and that can be either soil, sand, or other elements that fill up a plant box. The main goal of inserting a retaining wall is to battle the elements' push and support soil from being eroded downhill. Aside from its practical use, a retaining wall is usually made of sturdy and hard materials that can provide a defined edge for your landscape. Cement, wood, or rocks are the usual materials used.

    Retaining walls also help divert rainwater into drainages.

    Our teams are experienced in creating beautiful and unique retaining walls. Backed by experience, we've handled installing retaining walls in different scenarios and settings; that's why you are sure that you're getting the best of the best service.

    Brick Patios

    Bricks are maybe one of the oldest and most used building materials for any structures. It's sturdy, aesthetically flexible, easy maintenance, and very affordable. A great patio with bricks exudes a classic design which you can alter depending on the type of bricks used, the color, or the pattern they were placed in.

    The pattern in brick patios largely determines the style as well as the total price for the project. Some of the most common designs our teams have used are:

    • Running bond - These are the most straightforward design and probably the ones you usually see in old buildings. They are just bricks laid out in simple rows. This pattern is perfect if you plan on building a patio with a large footage area.
    • Herringbone - This pattern is excellent in small patios and pathways. Herringbone is a pattern that sets the bricks in a leaning design against each other and is placed alternately. To achieve a cleaner look, edges on the brick's points that touch each other need to be cut. This pattern tends to be pricier and more time-consuming.
    • Basketweave - A pattern that shows a classic and timeless look. This variation is used to achieve a look for a patio that doesn't go out of style. Basketweaves usually use bricks that are twice as long compared to their width.

    Our experienced experts have done thousands of brick patios with our years in the industry. You are assured that you're dealing with the best of the best in hardscaping. Different patterns or materials are used, and every design is custom-made for each of our clients.

    Most Creative Outdoor Kitchens & Grills Sandy Springs

    Our company has installed hundreds of outdoor kitchens and grills over the past few years. We design elegant but straightforward grill counters for specialized custom outdoor kitchens. We understand that each home is different, as well as the goal of an outdoor kitchen. That's why our team is dedicated to creating the best kitchen designs that will fit your budget and needs.

    Outdoors kitchens are not just for grilling and cooking anymore. A professionally built outdoor kitchen includes everything you might need. Smokers, ovens, sinks, ice makers, and even built-in bars are all available for our clients to add.

    Our company is always ready to answer any questions you might have, especially with outdoor kitchens, as they tend to be the most complicated part of a complete landscaping plan. But fret not, as our team is always ready to give you a quote and an initial assessment. We'll listen to your ideas and supplement them with our own professional opinions. We'll walk you through the entire process from designing to construction. Let us build your dream kitchen pavilion for your landscape!

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    Sandy Springs & Atlanta GA Hardscaping Fireplace
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    Outdoor Fireplace & Pizza Ovens

    An outdoor pizza oven is not just for cooking anymore. It creates a feeling of fullness and elegance that adds to the beauty of your landscape. It's one of the most overlooked elements of hardscaping. But these ovens are not just for pizza anymore. You can cook all sorts of foods like meat, fish, or vegetables.

    A beautifully crafted pizza oven made of bricks or stone can be powered by wood, gas, or electricity. It depends on the style and functionality you want.

    Crafting outdoor pizza ovens is nothing new, but these stonework wonders' design and construction take skill and dedication. Here at Lawn care sandy springs, our team is experienced in creating high-quality outdoor brick fireplaces at an affordable price. Our experts have used different materials for different designs; that's why you are assured that our team can handle it no matter what your dream outdoor oven may be.

    Stairs, Steps, and Stoops

    Stoops or stairs in the front of your house are what greet your visitors first. Of course, every one of us wants to make any guests or even our family feel welcome by just looking at our steps. But how do we achieve this? By designing beautiful and functional stairs, steps, and stoops to incorporate into our landscaping design.

    Steps, stairs, and stoops may be the most simple element of hardscaping, but one that you can't just leave out. These hardscape designs give definition and access from your home or patio to the landscape garden you designed.

    Our team at Lawn Care Sandy Springs is well-versed and experienced in designing and installing these elements. With hundreds of hardscaping projects designed and constructed, you are sure that you're dealing with one of the best step hardscaping providers in Sandy springs.

    Our team works hand in hand with our clients in creating the perfect vision of pathways to crawl around their home and yard. Proper planning and installation are required in these types of projects; that's why our experts are more than happy to discuss with you what our professional opinions are and how we could incorporate them into your dream landscape. Some of the materials we have used for stairs, steps and pathways are.

    • Bricks
    • Pallet Wood
    • Gray Gravel
    • Fieldstone
    • Stamped Concrete

    We used these materials to create the perfect stairs or pathways that you will love. We're not limited to these materials, but they are some of the most famous ones to use. We understand that different materials reflect the different personalities of our clients. That's why no matter what the texture, color, or size of your desired material is for your stairs and steps, you don't have to worry because we can handle them!


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    The Best Hardscaping Team In Sandy Springs

    Call us now, and let's make your dream hardscape design a reality! Our customer support team is always on standby to answer any questions or queries you might have. Get a quotation from us, and together, we'll create the perfect landscape Idea for your home.

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