“From spring to autumn we can meet the demand for organic vegetables from Austria”

The first geothermal greenhouse in Upper Austria is located in Geinberg. Since its completion in 2022, hand-picked organic vegetables have been harvested at the BIOhof Geinberg without any additional burden on the environment, even in the coldest months. Organic tomatoes and peppers are delivered to SPAR in Upper Austria. During peak harvest months, environmentally friendly grown vegetables are also available throughout Austria at SPAR, EUROSPAR and INTERSPAR.

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From October 2020 to March 2022, the first geothermal greenhouse in Upper Austria was built in Geinberg with an investment of around 30 million euros. Cultivation in the climate-friendly greenhouse of the BIOhof Geinberg brings organic pointed tomatoes and peppers to the shelves of SPAR, EUROSPAR and INTERSPAR in summer and from the beginning of March until the end of November – in a respectful way. climate and region.

“The sustainable energy concept, the longer availability of organic tomatoes and peppers from Austria, the associated short delivery routes and the added value in the region are topics that we appreciate at SPAR, as a company rooted in Austria. I wholeheartedly agree all the more pleased with this future-oriented partnership at the Geinberg site,” says Markus Kaser, CEO of SPAR, highlighting the close and future-oriented cooperation between the two companies. Perlinger and SPAR station wagons.

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Innovative and organic vegetable cultivation in the heart of Upper Austria
Many years of experience and know-how in market gardening are brought together under the roof of a geothermally heated greenhouse. The well-thought-out energy concept is particularly noteworthy. A photovoltaic system generates the necessary own electricity and the collection of rainwater enables a self-sufficient water supply. “At BIOhof Geinberg, we attach great importance to healthy and tasty products, which also reflects our high quality standards. Healthy soil is the basic condition for healthy plant growth and good fruit,” explains Patrick Haider, Managing Director of BIOhof.

Geothermal energy ensures the heating of the greenhouse
The BIOhof Geinberg uses the existing geothermal source for the heat supply of the greenhouse. It takes water with a temperature of about 100 degrees at a depth of about 2000 meters. The cycle is then closed by reinjecting the heated water up to the extraction depth. This recirculation ensures the sustainable preservation of geothermal energy as a resource. Geothermal heating saves CO2.

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Working with natural farming methods
Along with climate change, the loss of diversity is one of the most critical global environmental threats. SPAR launched the “Saving Diversity Together” project in 2021, with a focus on protecting bees, expanding variety and expanding organic offerings. The objective is to preserve biodiversity and therefore also a wide, unique, diversified and regional food offer of exceptional specialties.

At BIOhof Geinberg, too, we care about nature and the environment: “We use organic fertilizers and pest control in the greenhouse is carried out exclusively by beneficial insects. Pollination is carried out by bumblebees. Plant waste at the end of a crop is composted and reintroduced into the new crop as valuable compost. The result is a wonderful circular economy,” says Managing Director Patrick Haider about the philosophy and practice experienced at the BIOhof Geinberg.

Organic tomatoes and organic peppers at SPAR
The increased awareness of the Austrian population about healthy eating, sustainability and the environment is driving the demand for fruit and vegetables, especially organic products. Whatever the time of year, SPAR’s organic range enjoys great popularity. SPAR is therefore committed to continuously expanding its organic range and to sourcing fruit and vegetables from Austria wherever and whenever possible. Good cooperation with modern farms, such as the BIOhof Geinberg in Upper Austria, is essential for these requirements.

“We are very proud that we can now fulfill our customers’ desire for regional organic vegetables from spring to autumn with Geinberg’s organic tomatoes and organic peppers,” says Jakob Leitner, Managing Director of SPAR’s Marchtrenk headquarters.

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