Forza Motorsport Revealed, Released Spring 2023

Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios have revealed Forza Motorsport (that’s right – there’s no number attached to this entry in the franchise) with a nice trailer.

Revealed at today’s Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, Turn 10’s latest motorsport game will be released for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC in the spring of next year. The studio calls it the “most technologically advanced racing game ever made”. To highlight these technological advancements, the team introduced fan-favorite Maple Valley, along with news that the game will have a dynamic day and night cycle, a first for the Motorsport series.

Check out the reveal trailer for yourself below:

Not to be confused with Playground Games’ Forza Horizon series, Motorsport is closer to a racing sim than an arcade racer, making it an especially good time for people who really like to get under the hood. hood of the vehicles they drive. To go along with that, there’s plenty of environmental tech in Forza Motorsport to simulate not just how the cars would drive, but how the time of day, the temperature associated with it, and more can affect racing. .

Check out this demo trailer for more on that:

It all looks great thanks to ray tracing, photorealism techniques, and more. This includes damage your vehicle will suffer when you also hit other drivers or barriers on the track.

Until it comes to Xbox and PC consoles next year, read game informant Forza Horizon 5 review.

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