Devotional — Cool Spring Days – Farmville

Ssummer, autumn, winter, spring: The four seasons of a year each have very different characteristics. We experience changes in our lives that can be viewed in this metaphorical context. In spring, the days become longer; warm rains and rising temperatures bring new life. Winter, on the other hand, is characterized by cold temperatures and dormant life.

We may think that our lives go through different seasons. When we engage in daily activities, we experience pleasure. The job is stable, our family is peaceful, supportive, and we feel the guidance and protection of the Almighty is near. During these times, we undertake new opportunities. Our lives bring forth new growth like spring.

Suddenly, the bottom drops out of our peaceful existence. Everything seems to be going wrong. COVID-19 hits and we lose our jobs. The loss of income threatens our home and our tranquility is disturbed. A wave of cold enters our spring existence. We are losing loved ones to the virus. Depression grips us like a vise. Two years later, we are still digressing from its long-term effects.

This is the time when we must remember that the Almighty is always in control – even during these difficult intervals. Sometimes our trials seem so difficult that we cannot focus on our source of spiritual strength. The scriptures remind us of the power of our Creator.

“His Throne extends over the heavens and the earth, and He feels no fatigue guarding and preserving them for He is the Most High, the Supreme (in glory)” (Quran 2:255). We also find: “How great are his signs! And how mighty are his wonders! His kingdom is an eternal kingdom, and his dominion extends from generation to generation” (Daniel 4:3).

The above verses remind us that nothing happens without His divine knowledge or permission. So if he allowed us these difficulties, maybe there is something to be gained from the experience. Just as a thunderstorm clears the atmosphere of pollen and pollutants, life’s challenges can bring us closer to our spiritual selves, ridding us of “pollutants”.

We learned the value of positive human interactions when they were restricted; we have seen the inherent injustice in our society when fair access to human resources has been denied.

Cool spring days can be a precursor to hot summer days. Let’s keep our eyes on the barometer and thermometer ready to change.

Qadir Abdus-Sabur, Ph.D. is an imam at the Islamic Center of Prince Edward. His email address is