Closure of the Spring/Morris intersection for the construction of the Morristown roundabout, from July 15 to 17

Construction of the M station roundabout will move forward this weekend in Morristown. The intersection of Spring and Morris streets will be closed to traffic from July 15 to 17, 2022. Learn more.

From the town of Morristown:

The intersection of Spring and Morris streets will be closed for construction

From Friday July 15, 2022 to Sunday July 17, 2022, the intersection of Spring Street and Morris Street will be closed to traffic to convert the existing intersection into a roundabout linking Morris Street, Spring Street and Wilmot Street. Vehicular and pedestrian access to Spring Hills, local businesses along Morris Street and Lot 10 will be maintained.

The intersection will be closing at 7 p.m. on Friday July 15 and will remain closed until 3 p.m. on Sunday July 17. Preliminary construction to lay the necessary concrete additions and extensions around the current intersection began in February as part of the M-Station development project; the upcoming closure is to allow for the next major phase of development.

Roundabout safety

This roundabout is installed with the aim of reducing carbon emissions, preventing serious accidents, reducing vehicle delays, increasing fuel efficiency, reducing speeding and increasing passenger safety. pedestrians.

A roundabout has become increasingly popular throughout New Jersey and across the country as a safer and more consistent approach to regulating traffic – vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and commercial traffic – in densely populated urban and suburban areas. developed.

Traffic at the roundabout moves in a slow, continuous flow from left to right. Before entering a roundabout, keep the following in mind:

  • Slow down when approaching the roundabout
  • Traffic will always come from your left, so watch the flow before entering the roundabout
  • Give way to oncoming vehicles and pedestrians waiting at the roundabout crosswalks

Signs hung at the approach to the roundabout are installed to warn drivers that it is time to merge into the correct lane before entering the roundabout.

The roundabout will accommodate large commercial vehicles and trucks, private vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Crosswalks for pedestrians and cyclists are installed at each entrance and exit from the roundabout, visible by markings on the ground and accompanied by rapid flashing signs and hawk signals to alert drivers of waiting pedestrians who are on their way. are about to cross.

We also provide a video demonstration on how to navigate the new Spring and Morris Street roundabout correctly, which includes information for pedestrians, cyclists, commercial vehicle drivers and the Wilmot Street entrance, located directly to the right of Spring Street.

The video can also be viewed here.